Monday ISN’T International Chest Day!


Shock horror!

Last week, we asked you kind folk, whether you thought Monday was actually International Chest Day. We also asked a couple of other questions, about Cheat Days, Rest Days and Hump Day.

Yes, it’s not the biggest sample size in the world (148 people answered) but as a bit of a fun guide, it’s still fairly interesting.

So here are the results, you’d best stop hitting the bench on a Monday!

Question 1: Is Monday International Chest Day?

monday chest day piechart

Probably not what you expected

Turns out the answer is a pretty conclusive no. Perhaps you have all become tired of waiting for the bench and have since gone on to do legs instead? Whatever the case, just under two thirds of you answered “no”, so the next time you in the gym on a Monday, expect 37.8% of people to be lining up for the bench. Everyone else will be drinking a tasty protein shake, or practising their deadlifts.

Question 2: Is Wednesday Hump Day?

wednesday hump day piechart

Strangely, we had the exact same split as the first question!

This was a bit spooky. We had the exact same split on the first question as we did on this. So again, “Hump Day” is presumably a figment of the internet’s imagination.

Question 3: Is Sunday Rest Day?

sunday rest day piechart

The same split, but the other way round! Weird.

This is where things got really weird. The same split, but flipped round.

But scary statistics aside, a day off is always a good idea. You can train every day, but you don’t give your body time to recover. Plus, it’s good to see your family once in a while.

Question 4: Do you believe in Cheat Days?

cheat day  piechart

Pretty conclusive…

The Rock loves them, we love them, and you love them. 81.1% of you have said you think there is a benefit to a cheat day. Some may go for a “metabolism boost” whilst others might just want to have some ice cream from time to time. Either way, nice to see that most of you can relax.

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