13 most liked male fitness models

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most liked male fitness models

Who would you like to look like?

Bulging biceps, terrific traps and awesome abs, these male fitness models have got a lot going for them!

After checking out the most liked female fitness models on facebook, we decided to find the most liked males. Here are the results…

13. Obi Obadike

Obi Obadike

Obi Obadike – 66,193 Facebook likes

12. Diego Sebastian

Diego Sebastian

Diego Sebastian – 83,235 Facebook likes

11. Rob Riches

rob riches

Rob Riches – 87,008 Facebook likes

10. Steve Cook

Steve Cook

Steve Cook – 110,283 Facebook likes

9. Ryan Hughes

ryan hughes

Ryan Hughes – 118,716 Facebook likes

8. Tavi Castro

Tavi Castro

Tavi Castro – 182,726Facebook likes

7. Sadik Hadzovic

Sadik Hadzovic

Sadik Hadzovic – 199,780 Facebook likes

6. Colin Wayne

Colin Wayne

Colin Wayne – 213,012Facebook likes

5. Tyler McPeak

Tyler McPeak

Tyler McPeak – 232,264 Facebook likes

4. Vince Del Monte

Vince Del Monte

Vince Del Monte – 281,235 Facebook likes

3. Josef Rakich

Josef Rakich

Josef Rakich – 296,373 Facebook likes

2. Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov – 920,843 Facebook likes

1. Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid – 1,049,450 Facebook likes

They have put in the hours to get these results – looking like this is no mean feat! It takes serious dedication in the gym, a balanced diet and the right bodybuilding supplements. Good effort boys, your hard work has paid off!

These are some of the most ‘liked’ Facebook pages of fitness models. Facebook has not necessarily claimed that any of these models are their ‘favourites’.

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    1. Supplement Centre

      We have gone for living ones as an indicator of the level of fandom they have currently. Though a great influence to many, Zyzz’s passing saw a HUGE increase in likes – because of his passing.


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