Muscle Factory Swinton

Muscle Factory Swinton

Muscle Factory Swinton

We have over 3,500SQ FT of floor space equipped with the largest range of gym equipment in South Yorkshire!

The total area is divided into 2 large gym’s along with a dedicated Power Room for the competitive lifter with access to specialist bars, heavier dumbbells, chains, bands and many other ‘toys’.

Natural light is in abundance here, with long galleried windows coupled with lots of skylights – no dingy cellar training here!

Contact number: 01709 591846
Address: William Street, Swinton South Yorkshire, S64 8BP
Monthly membership: £30 – £40

Facility, Available
Swimming pool, No
Sauna / steam room, No
Onsite shop, Yes
Personal training, No
Fitness classes, No
Onsite parking, Yes

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