Why your nan should take whey

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Get your nan to have a read…

There’s so much more to whey than meets the eye.

It’s enjoying a purple patch in popularity too and whey protein sales are definitely on the rise as people around the globe wise up to the benefits.

Whey protein supplements have long been the bodybuilder’s best buddies for decades due to the bounty of protein it contains, but there are extra benefits to whey protein aside from the high protein. Benefits that even your nan will appreciate so long as you can convince her with the following nuggets of information we sourced from recent studies.

First things first – how is it created?

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Where does it come from?

When milk coagulates it reveals two proteins commonly known as curds and whey (yes Little Miss Muffet and all that). Curds are more associated with cheese (cottage cheese gives you an idea how it looks), then there’s whey, which is the liquid part and is usually dried to make whey protein powder. So tell you nan she’s basically drinking dried milk, but so are most people.

Drinking normal milk sounds best

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Got milk.

… is probably what you nan will say, but you’d have to drink a lot of milk to get the levels of protein you can get from whey, plus you don’t need to consume all the fat and liquid when you can just get the protein and nutrients. Of the overall protein found in milk, whey makes up 20%. It also contains all nine of what are considered the essential amino acids, which we need to get from our food as our bodies don’t produce them. So one drink ticks so many boxes.

Lowers blood pressure

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Decrease blood pressure the right whey.

That’s right. Research led by nutritional biochemist Susan Fluegel that was published in the International Dairy Journal revealed that beverages containing whey protein were given to patients with hypertension and the results were very positive. There was a significant decrease in blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke occurring.

Aids weight loss

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Preserve muscle and lose fat.

It’s not that common to see nans on diets or down the gym trying to lose weight as let’s face it there’s probably better things to do like watch Countdown or have a cup of tea. But just for reference purposes (as you never know) whey protein is a good way to aid weight loss as part of a considered diet. In a study published in Nutrition & Metabolism, it was revealed that the people who went the whey way lost significantly more body fat, but preserved their lean muscle mass than those that didn’t do whey.

Strengthens immunity

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Not a fan? Fear not…

Popeye should have forgotten spinach and cracked open a whey protein shake when he wanted to power up, as it’s even been revealed that whey strengthens the immune system according to results published in The International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition. Children with asthma had an improved immune-system response after their diets were supplemented with a whey protein for one month. We bet the grandparents of those children were really happy (nudge, nudge, wink).

Lowers cholesterol

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Keep your cholesterol in check.

It may lower cholesterol. There’s obviously a lot of factors to consider as our bodies all work very differently, but test subjects given whey for 12 weeks did see a decrease in their overall cholesterol compared to those given whey according to a study in The British Journal of Nutrition.

Builds muscle

Senior woman flexing her bicep.

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Flex those biceps!

If whey protein happened to be a person, they would saunter into a gym and get high fives from everybody. Whey protein has major respect and that’s because it helps to build muscle and let’s face it, we all like to build muscle.

Studies published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism revealed that men who took part in an intense 10-week resistance training programme (and were fed whey protein), enjoyed greater gains in strength and lean body mass than those that were fed casein or no supplements at all.

It’s important to mention that whey protein has many benefits if consumed as part of a considered diet and training programme, but in no way should it be used as a medicine to treat a particular condition.

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