New Referral Scheme!

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Because life is better with friends.

We love you guys, and hopefully, you love us! So that’s why we’re making our referral scheme. better!

We thought about it, and thought about, and we wondered, how can we make our referral scheme better?

And we had an idea…

What’s changed?

Now, instead of your friend, acquaintance, or family member getting a pack of creatine chews when you refer them, they now get 10% off at Supplement Centre!

All you have to do is go into your account, and get your link/code and pass it to them.

If they then shop using your code or link, are a first time customer, and spend over £20, then they can save 10%! Not bad eh?

What’s in it for me?

You scratch our back by getting people to use our wonderful website of discount supplements, and we scratch yours.

For every new customer you refer, we will give you 500 loyalty points. That’s £5 you can use on any future purchase.

Anything else?

Yep! With all orders, we will be giving our customers business cards. Simply write your code down on these cards, and hand them out like confetti.

Post your code on social media, put it in your Christmas cards, just remember, that the more you refer, the more you save.

We think this change has made our scheme a bit more straight forward, and helps people save even more. We hope you think so too, and cheers for reading.

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