Protein Pancakes for Pancake Day

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pancake and  honey

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It’s ok, I’m bulking!

It’s that calorific time of year again: tomorrow is Pancake Day!

And for even the most dedicated members of the fitfam, the temptation to fall off the bandwagon can be very hard to resist.

But fear not.

We care at Supplement Centre, so we’ve hunted far and wide to bring you four great recipes so you can stay in shape whilst enjoying Shrove Tuesday in all it’s pancakey glory.

Tess Langley’s Peanut Butter Pancakes

Tess Langley - Protein pancakes

Source: Supplement Centre
Protein pancakes by Tess Langley

Protein recipes come in all shapes and sizes and to celebrate this fact we created our Ultimate Protein Recipes ebook.

Tess Langley’s tempting Peanut Butter Pancakes may not have won the competition, but they certainly won a place in our hearts. Click on the link above for the full recipe cooking guidelines.

Top tip: Go crazy with toppings for an added Shrove Tuesday treat. What about some Ice Cream Sundae flavoured protein powder mixed with greek yoghurt? Just think of all that protein you’re getting!

3 Ingredient Protein Pancakes

Not all of us are blessed with cooking skills. A pancake may seem easy, but if you’re the type of person who can barely manage a pizza, you might struggle to fry a pancake.

Plus there is the time aspect. Many of us don’t have much of it when we’ve finished work, done our chores and been to the gym. So recipes like microwave mug cakes and 2 ingredient pizza bases are a great idea. But how about a healthier option?

Well with 1 scoop of protein powder, ⅓ cup of egg whites and ⅓ of a small banana you can have super easy pancakes.

Simply blend the ingredients and fry in a lightly greased pan. Ta da!

Super Easy

stack of pancakes

Maybe one too many pancakes. Time to share?

Betty Crocker. She saves many on pancake day, helps lazy chefs make lovely cakes and takes a lot of the fuss out of baking. But she doesn’t do a protein pancake mix. Matrix Nutrition, however, do. It’s simple to use and tastes delicious.

1. Mix a scoop of pancake Mix with 50-75ml milk in a shaker, blender or mixing bowl
2. Let the batter settle for 1-2 minutes
3. Gently heat a nonstick pan with a thin coating of low calorie spray oil over a moderate heat
4. Put the mix in the pan, ensuring an even spread.
5. Cook both sides until golden.

…and if you fancy a giggle

If this has inspired you to make extra special protein pancakes for pancake day, or Shrove Tuesday if you want to be picky, then keep an eye out for a competition we’ll be running tomorrow!

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