Protein supplements that make you puke

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Anyone for slug?
Source: Big Stock

We all know if you work out, you need protein in your diet. But what if you get lost in the jungle or marooned on a desert island?

Here are some awesome clips of the iron stomached, Bear Grylls showing how to keep your protein levels up – and trying not to puke. No protein supplements for this guy. WARNING: definitely not for the squeamish.

Rhino beetle larvae

This must be one of the most disgusting meals in existence. Raw, wriggling and wet – they pop in your mouth. But beetle larvae are rich in protein and nutrients – if you can keep them down.

Lobster brains

Not all bush tucker is revolting. Some of nature’s finest meals come fresh from the sea. But would you eat the brains – seriously?


The message here is never eat a raw one. Cooked, they’re likely to turn your stomach, but if you want to keep those guns firing, you’d better shut up and chow down.


Beloved of the French, frogs legs are a delicacy aren’t they? Mmm, we’re not so sure Bear is won over.

Goats testicles

If you’re lost in the desert it pays to stay in with the locals. But if they invite you over for a dinner, do check what’s on the menu.


Chock full of protein – but with a tendency to stick in your throat. Little suckers…

The moral to this story is there’s plenty of protein in the wild, but a protein shake is a lot easier and definitely more digestible.

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