QUIZ: How well do you know Arnold’s movies?

how well do you arnold

Can you get 100%?

The Oscars, or, if you want to give them their full title, the 88th Annual Academy Awards, is nearly upon us.

There’s been arguments about race and calls for a boycott, but that’s all a bit too serious for us.

We’re more concerned with the lack of bodybuilding legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So, to celebrate him, and to test his protein shake drinking, barbell weight lifting, action film loving fans, we’re going to test you.

Can you get 100%? Let us know in the comments section or on social media!

How did you get on? The top in house score is 13!

Make sure you share your score, challenge your mates, and next year, picket The Oscars so they give the Austrian Oak the award he deserves!

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