QUIZ: What exercises burn the most calories?

burning calories

Feel the burn!

Calories are an odd beast. They are talked about almost daily in the press, and in the most basic of ways, are what fuel us every single day.

As a society we have become obsessed with “burning” them, and have come up with many creative sports which do just that as a purpose, or in the case of Boxing Chess, do it as a by-product.

But what activities burn the most?

First things first…
• All sources are listed below, and we have used varying sources on different exercises.
• If a sport is mentioned, please assume that it is being done competitively.
• If there is an exercise that would not normally be done for 60 minutes, then we have not taken into account fatigue and have therefore simply prorated the figures.
• All calculations are based on a 13 stone man.

So now we give you 2 exercises, which one burns the most? Good luck!



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