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Are you already a serious runner? Or are you just starting to think about what regular jogging could do for your health? These blog posts will motivate and entertain you.

We’ve found a collection of bloggers who have all found that running enriches their lives. They’ve endured aches, pains and blisters but still want to share their love of the sport with you.

Want to lose weight or find a healthier addiction to occupy your time? These carefully selected bloggers will inspire you to achieve your goals.

Angry Jogger

Witty Irishman Matt Waterworth admits to once being fat and miserable. Now running is his replacement for cake and booze – and is an addiction that is significantly better for his health.

In his honest, humorous and occasionally NSFW blog he explains how running enables him to clear his heart and mind. If you’re struggling for motivation, read Matt’s tips for inspiration. He suggests you lower your expectations, stop considering yourself a failure, and focus on the ‘running afterglow’.

After 9 marathons, 16 half marathons, a 50K and a 100k, Matt knows all about the benefits of running, both physically and mentally. He’s learned that the sport can help you lose weight, overcome depression and stop you from being a recluse.

Born to Plod

Jay Watts’ initial running days were “going out once or twice a week and slowly dragging myself to the end of the road and back while making a noise like a waterlogged accordion”. However, running gradually got easier for him with practise and perseverance.

If you’re confused by terms like ‘DNF’, ‘LSR’ and ‘Chip time’, Jay’s ‘Encyclopedia of Runningness’ will explain all, and raise a chuckle at the same time.

Read his ‘Buffoon’s Guide’ and learn the intricate etiquette of the shower room. Jay’s hilarious observations will put runners of all abilities at ease.


Tess Agnew is “a reformed binge-eating, beer-guzzling ex-smoker”. Remind you of habits you want to break? Tess’s love of the South Coast inspires her never-ending quest for endorphins.

Tess trains her body through running, cycling, climbing, boxing and swimming. She concentrates on building a stronger, more focused mind to try to make healthier food choices.

Fitbits has a very truthful tone. Tess is honest about her goals of wanting to lose weight and run faster, but also recognises that drinking cocktails and eating pizza can play a part in the regime! Does this sound like the balance you desire? Then this is the blog for you (Tess also tweets relentlessly as @FitBits_).

Lazy Girl Running

Marathon runner, coach and personal trainer, Laura Fountain’s blog shows her transformation from a girl who skived PE lessons and avoided exercise for ten years to somebody who loves running and helps other people learn to love it as well.

She also insists that being a better runner doesn’t have to mean running every day. Laura points out that there are clear benefits in swimming, yoga and gym strength programs. They’ll all help you to become a better, stronger runner.

Laura assures you that whatever your reasons for wanting to run – whether it’s to lose weight, get fitter or de-stress – learning to enjoy it is key. “If you enjoy something you’re more likely to keep doing it”. Wise words.

Any Idiot Can Run

Chris Mercer’s first marathon did not go well. He admits that afterwards he wanted to “throw his shoes away and just eat crap”. Luckily he snapped out of that feeling sharpish and now runs and blogs regularly, sharing his passion for the sport with others.

Running is a cruel mistress. Follow the highs and lows in Chris’s training diary, as he compares the sense of achievement after nailing 7 x 800s in 3:10 or less, with the discomfort of three weeks of chafing.

Wondering how you can fit training into your busy life? Read about how Chris squeezes in running before work, and balances family life with marathon training.

Mind Over Matter

Mrs B’s best advice for those of you who are struggling to get motivated is: “Don’t wait for motivation or just to wake up one day and be a sporty person. Schedule your exercise and then – just do It.”

Wise words, from the woman who also believes that a big mistake you can make when starting to exercise is to focus on weight loss. Focus instead on the fun and the fitness – you’ll learn a lot about your body and yourself.

If you’ve ever felt you just don’t have time to run, just take a tip from Mrs B’s blog and run your commute. She prepares properly during the day by keeping mobile and hydrated, and by packing light for her run home!

Miss Wheezy

Fitness PR and asthmatic runner Miss Wheezy (Beki to her friends) knows how not to prepare for a 10k race. Walking 5k in heeled boots and a late night on the gin led to a personal worst time, but at least she made it!

Beki’s ‘Winter Running’ series of posts is helpful if you’re determined to keep training during the cold months. She advises doing your warm-up indoors, or even mixing up your routine with some indoor cross-training.

Like any runner, Miss Wheezy has had her share of injuries, but she’s brought some great products to light that will help. Ice packs, kinesiology tape, and self-massage with a tennis ball all figure in her list of essentials.

Runner Beans

Fitness junkie Charlie Watson shares workouts, exercise class reviews, running tips and race recaps, as well as healthy recipes and lifestyle posts.

Distance runners will appreciate Charlie’s post-run tips. Food and hydration, stretches and a hot bath with Arnica salts are all part of her recovery routine.

If you’re wondering what to do with all the race bibs and medals that are filling your home, check out Charlie’s upcycling ideas. Make yourself a bib poster, a scrapbook, or even medal refrigerator magnets!

Spikes and Heels

Being the fastest isn’t important. Being your best is. Muireann Carey-Campbell believes that Setting your own goals and being realistic about your progression to get there is important, and the answer is, in part, to be unapologetically self centred in your approach.

Muireann founded Spikes and Heels to take the fitness focus off calorie counting and weight loss, and point it towards being a “determined, driven, goal oriented badass who will race you to the bus stop and get in a lunch time press up competition”.

Tired of eternal PB-chasing, Muireann thinks you can ask better things post-race than “what was my time?”, such as: How was the course? Did I enjoy it? What was my favourite bit? Did I find any moments of peace? What do you ask yourself in that moment?

Tiny Runner

F.E.A.R – forget everything and run. Diminutive runner Autumn Howard’s mantra against the mental effects of bad training sessions paid dividends at the 2015 Wigan 10k where she put all negativity behind her and just got on with the job in hand, chipping a sub-40m time!

After encouraging her dad to start running at the age of 58, and then recently introducing her mum to the sport, Autumn knows it’s never too late to start running – so if that’s an excuse you use – well, you’ve been rumbled.

If you’re already running and looking to get fitter, try Autumn’s strategy and check out Crossfit as a way to increase fitness. After only a couple of weeks you could feel the same boost as she does!


Mother and daughter marathon runners Jayne and Bibi Rodgers have two passions to share – running and food. Their delicious and healthy vegan bread & butter pudding, and rosewater pistachio cake recipes are going to make your mouth water!

Reluctant runners will appreciate Bibi’s ‘Four ways to change your mindset’ post. Setting a goal (and making it public), and running with a pal will both help you on your way to a runner’s way of thinking.

Jayne has four good reasons to convince you that runners should do yoga. Ditching the data and getting to know your body better are just two of them – check out the rest on her post.

Women’s Running

Runners have better sex. That’s the message from the Women’s Running poll, where 43% of people taking part said their sex drive has increased since taking up running.

As well as helping your libido, the magazine’s poll reports, you can combat stress, boost your mood and improve your confidence in your body image with running. What more motivation do you need?

Your taper is as important as your sex life. So Women’s Running have provided some tailor made taper guides for whether you’re running a marathon, a half or a 10k. Use these to balance your fitness with your recovery, to lead you to the best possible race!

Hels Bels

Beer-loving, ten-pin bowling, vintage-dressing Helen Tamblyn loves to run, and is an avid ParkRun participant.

If you’ve ever wondered why there’s always a Park Runner deliberately finishing last, wonder no more! Helen tells you that tailrunners, as they’re known, are there to make sure that everyone finishes safely, and that marshals know when to clock off. Newbies are safe in the knowledge that they won’t be the last over the line!

Looking for easy, performance-boosting foods? Helen recommends oats, peanut butter, dried fruit and salmon for any runner that wants to be better, faster and stronger.

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