How to save money on supplements

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Get big on budget

Whether you’re trying to get ripped, bulk up or lose weight, the costs associated with accomplishing your chosen goal can sometimes exceed your expectations.

So it’s sensible to seek out savings where you can. Let’s face it, there’s no point spending more when you can get more for less (if that makes sense). Here’s a few saving tips that you can adopt with ease.

Sign up to newsletters

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What are you waiting for? Sign up!
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It’s a bit like tuning into to a radio station that offers rewards — what’s not to love?

Crammed full of exclusive offers, competitions and discounts, newsletters are almost guaranteed to save you money. Plus they often contain extra supplement news and information, always a bonus.

Why not start by signing up for our newsletter?

Buy in bulk

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Find some like minded people to buy with
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A law almost as fundamental as gravity, buying in bulk saves you money. Whether you’re in the market for protein powder, fat burners or multivitamins, bulk buying is best.  

“But what will I do with 8kg of high carb weight gainer?” I hear you cry – it’s simple, order with a friend!

Find a gym buddy on the look out for discount supplements – it shouldn’t be hard – and get shopping. Better yet, organise a group who are keen to bulk buy supplements. More people means more choice and more savings. You’ll get just what you want and save a wad of wonga by stocking up this way. Kerching!

Tweet it

Did you know you could save cash by using social media? Well you can, and there’s more than one way to make twitter work in favour of your wallet.

First follow all your favourite supplement brands and shops. If they’ve got a deal, a coupon or a discount code, chances are they will be shouting about it twitter. Also follow like minded supplement fans, they’re in the know and likely to be tweeting about the best bargains to be had.

Secondly, search for money saving hashtags. Try looking for #coupon, #competition, #BOGO, #deal, #savings, and #giveaway along with ‘supplement’, or the specific product you’re after. If you find a decent coupon or discount code, don’t forget to tweet about it, sharing is caring!

Horses for courses

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Don’t waste money on products you don’t need
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Avoid throwing away your money and investing in the wrong supplements for your needs. There are hundreds of different products and they all do different things, so do your research, check out our information pages and speak to people in the gym that are familiar with supplements.

It’s about maximizing your potential and fine tuning your supplement intake to enhance your performance and progress. Be sure before you order as everybody’s needs are different.

Loyalty points

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Tell a friend and reap the rewards
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Loyalty schemes are quite simple really, the more you give, the more you receive. And it’s not always about spending money. Plenty of schemes reward customers with points for simply doing nice things such as writing reviews, facebook likes or recommending a friend. N’aww!

Most supplement shops run similar schemes, so if you’re a regular it’s definitely worth signing up. It might not seem like a lot initially, but it soon adds up and you’ll be able to score that massive tub of whey protein in no time at all!

Start by checking out our own loyalty and rewards page.

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