Sex and HIIT: The Perfect Couple?


Remember to inform each other of your intentions.

Working out can help your sex life. Think about it, you can become stronger, have more stamina and build a much better core. But how effectively can sex be used as a workout itself?

We think sex has potential as a serious workout. But more specifically, we see many aspects of sexual intercourse matching up with HIIT.

But first let us explain exactly what that is…

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. In essence, you are required to go full guns blazing for a burst of exercise, with a short, often mildly active period of recovery. This form of exercise is thought to be superior to steady state cardio when looking at burning fat.

Why is HIIT good for fat loss

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A man who clearly does HIIT

Here’s Dominic Swift. Former Huddersfield Town FC development squad fitness coach with an MSc in Strength and Conditioning, BSc in Exercise Science. He’s also a Level 1 FA coach and used to be able to bench 140kg at 70kg bodyweight.

Optimal VO2 max intensity for fat tissue metabolism is about 60% VO2 max, which is about the level you’ll be at jogging on a treadmill for an hour, and this is why it is the most common weight loss technique.

However, recently it’s been realised that if you keep a high heart rate for 20-30 minutes with the help of interval breaks, you’re pushing your body to such an extent that it goes into oxygen deficit. So even for hours after you’ve stopped HIIT your VO2 will be elevated as your body attempts to restore oxygen saturation levels.

Although the VO2 max may not be at bang on the optimal 60% throughout your training, it will still be in and around that number for hours post exercise.

How to do it in the bedroom

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Replace the food with protein for maximum gains

First of all, have a word with your other half. If you were to go at it like a freight train and then slow it to a trot then they might get a tad confused. But therein lies the general technique.

If you’re the one trying to get a workout, then it’s best if you go on top. This puts you in control of the pace. The technique of it is simple; fast, then slow. The actual specifics of how you rock the boat, is up to you, but the pace for HIIT has to alternate between fast for say 2 minutes, and then slow for 30 seconds.

If you are both looking to workout in the bedroom, then you might think about swapping over every minute or so.

Pros and cons for sex based HIIT



A sign of a healthy sex life?

1. You are having sex and sex is awesome.

2. You are burning fat, and this means you can get that “beach body ready” look that we all know and love.

3. You are improving your cardiovascular health. Not everyone loves cardio, so it may as well be fun.

4. You are multitasking, and in these modern ages, we don’t always get time to have fun and work out. So if you are a guy, it is literally a case of two birds, one stone. .



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Thinks could get awkward…

1. It’s a bit of a mood killer. Just imagine it; “So, do you want to get under the duvet and alternate fast and slow sexual intercourse to optimise our VO2 max??”

2. It could possibly offend your other half. After all, sex is meant to be a celebration of love and togetherness, not a way to burn the fat around your bottom.

3. It’s very dependant on stamina, both in terms of fitness and in terms of sexual longevity. If you’re finished before the first interval, then you’re down a workout, your partner is down a workout, and you are probably about to have an argument.

Should you try sex for HIIT?

Some things should just be left alone. We all want to get in shape and stay in shape, but doing so with sex probably isn’t the way. Sex can certainly help, but you still want to get down the gym, eat right and if you really need help, invest in some quality T5 fat burners too. If you do happen to try sex based HIIT, feel free to not let us know.

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