6 ways to stop protein shaker smells


Keep the answers clean please…

Protein is awesome. It helps to build muscles and is the very building block of the gains we are after.

Many look to boost their protein intake with shakes and take an array of supplements to help them reach their fitness goals. But most powders need a protein shaker, and they can sometimes get a bit whiffy.

The reason is that small residues of whey protein and milk/water “go off” and the horrid smell is in fact bacteria.

So how can you stop your shaker going rancid?

First things first…

Clean your shaker after every use. We’ll tell you how to do it below, but if you don’t clean your shaker you aren’t giving it a chance. Also, make sure you dry your shaker as well as possible. That could mean getting in there with a tea towel, some kitchen roll, or a hair dryer if you were so inclined! But get it dry.

1. Use steel wool


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Perfect for DIY too…

Known as a hardcore cleaning product, steel wool is perfect to be used when cleaning a shaker. Its abrasive texture means it can get rid of any small traces of protein powder without scratching the surface of the shaker.

As usual, use some washing up liquid, and make sure you dry the shaker out. Keep an eye out for any filings left by the wool too!

2. Use baking powder


It kind of looks like protein powder, you think?

For anyone who has watched Kim and Aggie’s, How Clean is Your House? , you’ll know that baking powder is one of the most useful “cleaning” products around. And its uses on protein shakers are no different.

Baking powder works very well as a natural deodoriser. So simply add a teaspoon with some warm water, give the mix a quick shake like you would a protein shake, and voilà!

3. Use vinegar

salt and vinegar fish and chips

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Cod for essential fatty acids!

Some people can’t stand the smell of vinegar, but its cleaning powers are undeniable.

Step 1: Add a kettle full of boiling water and a cup of vinegar to a bowl.
Step 2: Disassemble your shaker and put all the parts in the bowl, and cover.
Step 3: After an hour or so, remove shaker from water. If the water smells “off”, the vinegar has worked as the “whiff” has been removed.

4. Use an effervescent cleaner

Tablet in water. On a dark blue background


You might have heard of Science in Sport Go Hydro, an effervescent hydration tablet, but you can also get effervescent cleaning products too.

Think about it, a shaker, like a glass has corners, and cleaning and drying these corners can be a nightmare. But by using a tablet, you bypass the shape. It might seem a bit of a fad to get a tablet cleaner, but give it a go.

5. Use a mason jar

mason jars

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How hipster of you

This might require to use some kind of blender to mix the shake in the first place, but a mason jar (provided it’s cleaned and dried) doesn’t hold odour. You could even bypass the blender, and simply make your shake in the jar itself.

6. Use your money

We live in an age of wastefulness, so this tip might seem a bit wasteful. But you could always just buy another protein shaker? Normally, they don’t cost a lot, and of course we know of a great place to buy them, along with your supplements.

But don’t just throw away your shaker, use it for something else. You could store pens, screws or use it as a vase for the flowers you have bought your gym buddy.

How do you clean yours?

Comment below with your cleaning tip! Or drop us a line via Supplement Centre Facebook with your protein shaker horror story!

2 thoughts on “6 ways to stop protein shaker smells

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    Take a look at EverPure guys, the only true way to cleanse a nasty protein shaker or water bottle. Developed specially for this stinky phenomenon, we are produced in the UK and the ONLY brand of effervescent cleaner that will make your shaker like new, no matter how nasty it is!

  2. Col

    I always leave mine filled with water and a few drops of household bleach then rinse out before using again


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