Superhero Supplements

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Superhero supplements

Find out which supplements superheros taks

There are so many superhero movies being made these days that it’s hard not to marvel at these iconic figures.

In fact the superhero media avalanche is so big that we could be forgiven for thinking that superheroes actually exist. They don’t of course.

But…if they did exist, then they would probably go to the gym a lot. Could we also assume that they would take diet supplements to boost their signature skills and powers? Yes — we could, so here goes.


Incredible Hulk

Image source: Wikimedia
Whey protein fan for sure

The angry green one is massive, so he’d definitely be on the whey protein shakes to boost his protein and calorie levels. For his rapid growth abilities, super strength and endurance, he’d be getting through a lot of glutamine, which allows for greater protein synthesis and increases available levels of growth hormones.

But that green skin isn’t a good look, so we’d suggest adding some multivitamins to his diet, especially A, C and E, which are good for the skin.

Iron Man

Iron Man

Image source: Wikimedia
Iron supplements are a given

Iron Man isn’t naturally blessed with super powers, instead his major asset is his brainpower, which allows him the ability to create and build his own super powers via his Iron Man suit.

So he’d need to look after that brain with selenium, B vitamins and fish oils and to bear the weight of that suit he’d need to work out hard in the gym like us mortals. Creatine would assist in making his muscles looked pumped (he is quite vain remember). He would definitely take iron supplements too — just because …



Image source: Wikimedia
After all that web action, Spidey would need a shake

Peter Parker (aka: Spiderman) has the ripped physique of a MMA fighter. He’s muscular, but lean and agile too, so he has the ability to perform challenging acrobatics and fighting moves.

To enhance his speed and agility, Spidey’s workouts would have to be varied, intense and include cardio work. He’d need creatine to boost his ATP (adenosine triphosphate) levels, which provide the energy reserves required for launching rapid bursts of energy and power.

He would also need to watch he wasn’t burning too many calories, so might need a top of with a whey protein shake after spending a few hours high on the web.


Thor is a demigod, so he’s immortal and so doesn’t have to worry too much about what he eats. Still, being the God of Thunder requires quite a lot of brute manliness and shouting, so he’d definitely be on the ZMA.

ZMA boosts natural testosterone levels to their maximum, resulting in great increases in strength, so mixed with his demigod powers, Thor would easily be able hammer out the sound of thunder in his garden shed. He’d probably get a visit from the police though.



Image source: 360b /
An all rounder like Superman should keep in tip top condition with multi-vitamins

The ultimate superhero, Superman is the crowd favourite. He is an all-rounder endowed with super strength, the ability to fly and he can even fire laser beams from his eyes — some guys just get all the breaks. Obviously, he was born with such talents, so his focus would be about conditioning and keeping sharp.

Thermogenics would assist him with not putting on too much weight when he’s chilling out in burger bars as Clark Kent. And a balanced intake of multivitamins such as Vitamin B1, which maintains muscle tissue and keeps the muscles and nerves working, should help to keep him healthy. Afraid there isn’t a supplement out there to improve his fashion sense.

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