How to survive the end of the world


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6 tips to keep you safe…

September is ‘National Preparedness Month’ in the US to: “encourage Americans to take steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, schools, and communities.”

Physical training emergencies weren’t mentioned (they must have forgotten about them), so we’ll take the onus and provide a few tips to help your muscles survive if the end of the world was to turn up and stop you getting to the gym.

1. Buy in bulk


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Stock up on basics.

Don’t wait until the end of the world before buying all your supplements in bulk! If you buy more, then there are some amazing discounts to be had, and it’s a real statement of intent seeing your cupboards stocked with protein powder, vitamins and other goodies to support your training regime whilst everybody else is looting. Just make sure you avoid weight loss supplements, food will be scarce enough already!

2. Get a home gym


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Invite your buddy round to recreate a gym atmosphere!

It’s a shame you can’t get to the gym now it’s been hit by an asteroid, but look on the bright side, if there’s room in your garage for a multi-gym or bench, they’re quite affordable these days. If you miss the banter and support you get by going to the gym, then invite your old gym buddies around to your garage gym. Not quite up to the standard of some of the great gyms about, but hey It’s always good to have a Plan B just in case somebody presses the red button.

3. Hatch a chicken plan


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Who wouldn’t want fresh eggs on tap?

You heard it here first, chickens rock! Not only are they hilarious to watch pecking about, but will also provide you with a daily supply of fresh protein with their egg-laying magic. Fresh eggs in return for a little seed seems like a good deal, but we can’t be held responsible for you eating them if all the supermarkets disappear.

4. Avoid cardio (mostly)


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Avoid at all costs. Unless being chased by zombies.

The priority is to avoid losing your muscle mass, so cardio activities like swimming, jogging and rowing should be avoided as you certainly don’t want to be losing weight. However, if there happened to be a zombie or alien invasion, there’s only one piece of advice we’d offer: RUN!

5. Pack the pantry


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Preserves and tinned food will be your best friend.

Tinned food! Beans, fish, soup, spuds … ah, the delights of food in cans! The portions might not be the biggest and the taste not what you’re accustomed to, but it will see you through to the lights go back on. Tinned food also provides an affordable and flexible means to supplement your diet when the world isn’t ending. Crack open a can of mixed beans and tuna to go with your brown rice and you’re sorted for protein.

6. Stay disciplined

Go hard or go home!

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Go hard or go home!

Motivation and discipline are your best buddies when it comes to training and will help you survive if the going gets tough. You’ll never get anywhere if you keep missing sessions or ignoring your nutritional requirements and it requires enormous focus and willpower to train sometimes. The trick is to see your mind as a muscle too, which needs shaping, so next time you don’t feel like training, train anyway and you’ll improve your willpower and discipline.

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