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Stay mentally great with weights

elderly fitness weights

Lift strong, live healthy, live long

Lifting weights helps you age better, and it’s never too late to start. That’s the message from scientific studies conducted the world over.

If you’re still young enough to think clubbing is a good idea, here’s why you should go easy on the cocktails and go in heavy on the weights.

If you think you’re already over the hill, you need to read this then grab your gym kit and get going. The message is simple: lift strong – live healthy – live long.

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The skinny guide to weight gain

skinny weight gain

Gain weight the healthy way

We live in a society more prone to obesity than ever before, but for some, it’s putting on weight that’s the problem.

If you’re one of those people for whom bulking up is a challenge – here are some good reasons to keep trying. And of course we give you the lowdown on how to achieve healthy weight gain.

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Eating out tips for bodybuilders

bodybuilder restaurant

Get ready to enjoy eating out again!

So you’re training hard and eating well and all is good until you’re invited out for a staff meal only to discover the menu choices are all super fatty calorie bombs with extra cheese.

Eating out can be tricky when you’re a bodybuilder.

So what do you do — stay at home and eat protein bars whilst becoming a social outcast? Well there’s nothing wrong with being disciplined and keeping up your protein levels, but get out and eat in restaurants like everybody else!

Just digest these few pointers first.

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