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How to burn your Christmas dinner calories

santa working out burn off christmas dinner

He knows the drill!

Whatever your feelings about the festive season, there’s one thing that connects all of us at Christmas — food!

Christmas is about chilling out and enjoying a feast with friends and family. The only trouble is, lots of calories and inactivity equals extra weight.

The average person puts on around 4 lbs of excess during Christmas week and it can take up to four months to shift that extra weight. Now we’re not saying don’t enjoy Christmas — but if you do get trapped in the Christmas hamper, then you’ll need a damage limitation plan.

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Expert Opinion: Creatine and Protein Supplements


Get the low down on creatine and Protein

Are you training 4-5 times per week and not seeing the results you hoped for? Have you looked into supplementing but not sure on what they will do to you?

Worry no more! We asked personal trainer Brad Klein to discuss the effects of creatine and protein and how they can help you to achieve your fitness goals. Take it away Brad…

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Movie stars who got muscles

movie star muscles

Stars who got ripped for roles

Getting into shape for a top Hollywood movie role must be quite a challenge, especially if you’re set to play a superhero or portray a famous fighter.

The challenge can be made easier of course, when there’s a multi-million dollar purse being mentioned and the support of a personal trainer.

Let us have a look at which of the big stars took on a tough, focused routine and brought out the big guns (and probably the protein powder) to bulk up for Hollywood. We can also see how the respective movies did at the box office.

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