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Beastly protein bars

lion roar

Eat like a beast

A protein bar makes for a great pre or post workout snack. But next time you tuck into one, spare a thought for the long and illustrious history of the lump of anabolic protein in your hand.

Many an indigenous person has lived on natural protein bars, some of which were no way near as tasty as ours. Here’s a what’s what of traditional ‘beastly’ protein.

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Fabulous fats

fabulous fat man burger

Not all fat is bad

Fat has gained a bad reputation over the years. But not all fat is bad and it’s a dietary disaster that society has glazed all fatty foods with the same bad-fat brush.

It’s actually healthy to consume good fats — fact. So here’s a little story about fat and the ones you should eat and those to  avoid.

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From beginner to champion in 6 months

champion trophy

6 months to gold

Scottish dentist, Apple Doepner, has won gold in an International weightlifting competition just 6 months after taking up the sport.

That’s beginner to champion in 6 months — now there’s an endorsement for training well.

Ever wondered what you could achieve in 6 months if you invested in your mind and body? Maybe there’s a medal or two out there for you too. Read on for potential-fulfilling inspiration.

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The skinny guide to weight gain

skinny weight gain

Gain weight the healthy way

We live in a society more prone to obesity than ever before, but for some, it’s putting on weight that’s the problem.

If you’re one of those people for whom bulking up is a challenge – here are some good reasons to keep trying. And of course we give you the lowdown on how to achieve healthy weight gain.

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Expert Opinion: Creatine and Protein Supplements


Get the low down on creatine and Protein

Are you training 4-5 times per week and not seeing the results you hoped for? Have you looked into supplementing but not sure on what they will do to you?

Worry no more! We asked personal trainer Brad Klein to discuss the effects of creatine and protein and how they can help you to achieve your fitness goals. Take it away Brad…

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