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Stay mentally great with weights

elderly fitness weights

Lift strong, live healthy, live long

Lifting weights helps you age better, and it’s never too late to start. That’s the message from scientific studies conducted the world over.

If you’re still young enough to think clubbing is a good idea, here’s why you should go easy on the cocktails and go in heavy on the weights.

If you think you’re already over the hill, you need to read this then grab your gym kit and get going. The message is simple: lift strong – live healthy – live long.

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Beginners Guide to Shedding Fat

Fat man in gym landscape

If he can try, so can you

One of the hardest body battles many face is shedding fat. Millions of people every year embark upon fad diets, extreme exercise regimes and even resort to over the counter weight loss pills. Unfortunately, the majority of these options won’t work as a sustainable measure.

But why is this? Some people may see great initial results from fad diets, but the weight often rapidly rebounds and leaves them back at square one.

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Winter weight gain – be a bear and bulk up

bulk like a bear

Bulk like a bear

Dark evenings are here again and with them the tendency for us to eat too much, do too little and lay down fat.

Some blame the lack of sunlight for knocking our motivation to hit the gym, others say it’s just the cold, or the change of seasons.

We say it’s hibernation and it could be your best chance to bulk up.

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Want to feel sexier? Go to the gym…

man fitness gym

Well hello there pecs

The Supplement Centre Gym survey has revealed people feel sexier after going to the gym.

In fact, an impressive 74% said that they felt sexier after a gym session. So people, the proof is in the (low fat, high protein) pudding — sexy time follows gym time.

But why do so many of us feel sexed up after training in the gym? Well, it’s highly likely that some of the following reasons would be opted for in a multiple-choice survey.

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Complete guide to weight gain supplements

Bodybuilder back lifting dumbells on black background.

Someone who knows about weight gain.

One of the hardest parts of building a better physique is gaining weight.

Realising the sheer volume of calories required to add mass can be a daunting prospect, especially taking into account the high levels of protein a typical bodybuilder needs.

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Testosterone Boosters – Tribulus Vs D-Aspartic Acid

Bodybuilding image

Could this give you a boost?

With hormone boosting supplements becoming increasingly popular, what should you choose and why?

In the modern era of bodybuilding, we are spoilt for choice when choosing our supplementation. Time release protein blends, pre-workout energy boosters, fat burners, immune support – the list is almost endless, which makes choosing the right supplement for yourself all the more difficult. So, we’ve chosen two of our favourite testosterone boosters and examined the benefits of each – but first, what exactly is a testosterone booster?

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And the Ultimate Protein Recipe winner is…

recipe competition winner post

£250 to spend!

And the winner is…Steve Welch with his choc peanut cookies!

You all went mad for Steve’s tempting choc peanut cookies, crowning him the Ultimate Protein Recipe champion! We had a chat with Steve to find out what inspired his cookies, how they help his training and what plans he’s got for the £250 voucher…

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The skinny guide to weight gain

skinny weight gain

Gain weight the healthy way

We live in a society more prone to obesity than ever before, but for some, it’s putting on weight that’s the problem.

If you’re one of those people for whom bulking up is a challenge – here are some good reasons to keep trying. And of course we give you the lowdown on how to achieve healthy weight gain.

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