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Winter weight gain – be a bear and bulk up

bulk like a bear

Bulk like a bear

Dark evenings are here again and with them the tendency for us to eat too much, do too little and lay down fat.

Some blame the lack of sunlight for knocking our motivation to hit the gym, others say it’s just the cold, or the change of seasons.

We say it’s hibernation and it could be your best chance to bulk up.

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Complete guide to weight gain supplements

Bodybuilder back lifting dumbells on black background.

Someone who knows about weight gain.

One of the hardest parts of building a better physique is gaining weight.

Realising the sheer volume of calories required to add mass can be a daunting prospect, especially taking into account the high levels of protein a typical bodybuilder needs.

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Fatty food fight: USA v Scotland

Fast food calorie horrors

Who will win the battle?

When it comes to bulking up on junk food, there are two nations that stand head and shoulders above the rest: Scotland and the USA.

Infamous by reason of their unhealthy diets – they’re paying the price with high levels of obesity, heart disease and some forms of cancer. But how do they compare with each other? Which nation is the unhealthiest?

Here we put them belly to belly. It’s the clash of the titans; a calorie horror dual.
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