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How to burn your Christmas dinner calories

santa working out burn off christmas dinner

He knows the drill!

Whatever your feelings about the festive season, there’s one thing that connects all of us at Christmas — food!

Christmas is about chilling out and enjoying a feast with friends and family. The only trouble is, lots of calories and inactivity equals extra weight.

The average person puts on around 4 lbs of excess during Christmas week and it can take up to four months to shift that extra weight. Now we’re not saying don’t enjoy Christmas — but if you do get trapped in the Christmas hamper, then you’ll need a damage limitation plan.

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Winter weight gain – be a bear and bulk up

bulk like a bear

Bulk like a bear

Dark evenings are here again and with them the tendency for us to eat too much, do too little and lay down fat.

Some blame the lack of sunlight for knocking our motivation to hit the gym, others say it’s just the cold, or the change of seasons.

We say it’s hibernation and it could be your best chance to bulk up.

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Fabulous fats

fabulous fat man burger

Not all fat is bad

Fat has gained a bad reputation over the years. But not all fat is bad and it’s a dietary disaster that society has glazed all fatty foods with the same bad-fat brush.

It’s actually healthy to consume good fats — fact. So here’s a little story about fat and the ones you should eat and those to  avoid.

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Complete guide to weight gain supplements

Bodybuilder back lifting dumbells on black background.

Someone who knows about weight gain.

One of the hardest parts of building a better physique is gaining weight.

Realising the sheer volume of calories required to add mass can be a daunting prospect, especially taking into account the high levels of protein a typical bodybuilder needs.

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Beginners Guide to Bulking Up

skinny man and hench blokes

Which one needs to bulk we wonder?

Bulking up is an issue many slim beginners struggle with. There is so much to learn about the fundamentals of adding muscle mass, it is no wonder so many gym newbies find it a daunting prospect.

However, there are some essential basics that once mastered will see pounds of muscle added to your physique regularly. The most important aspects of bulking is:

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The skinny guide to weight gain

skinny weight gain

Gain weight the healthy way

We live in a society more prone to obesity than ever before, but for some, it’s putting on weight that’s the problem.

If you’re one of those people for whom bulking up is a challenge – here are some good reasons to keep trying. And of course we give you the lowdown on how to achieve healthy weight gain.

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