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From beginner to champion in 6 months

champion trophy

6 months to gold

Scottish dentist, Apple Doepner, has won gold in an International weightlifting competition just 6 months after taking up the sport.

That’s beginner to champion in 6 months — now there’s an endorsement for training well.

Ever wondered what you could achieve in 6 months if you invested in your mind and body? Maybe there’s a medal or two out there for you too. Read on for potential-fulfilling inspiration.

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Beginners Guide to Bulking Up

skinny man and hench blokes

Which one needs to bulk we wonder?

Bulking up is an issue many slim beginners struggle with. There is so much to learn about the fundamentals of adding muscle mass, it is no wonder so many gym newbies find it a daunting prospect.

However, there are some essential basics that once mastered will see pounds of muscle added to your physique regularly. The most important aspects of bulking is:

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The battle of whey protein – concentrate vs. isolate


It’s all about whey-ing up the options

It is well established that supplementation with whey has massive benefits to any aspiring bodybuilder, but what’s the difference between concentrate and isolate?

Which is superior quality, which provides the most health benefits, and which packs in the most protein?

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Ideas for your empty whey protein container

What can you do with old protein containers?

What can you do with old protein containers?
Source: Supplement Helper

So you’re training regularly, building muscle and really getting through the protein shakes – but there’s one little problem. There’s a mountain of empty whey protein containers in the backyard.

If you’re creative, there are lots of things you can do with these empty whey protein containers. Here’s some suggestions from the practical to the slightly bizarre to get you started.

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The many faces of olympic weightlifters

Weightlifter's faces

Say cheese!

The world record holder in men’s Olympic weightlifting is Iran’s Hossein Rezazadeh. He managed to heave a staggering 263kg above his head in the clean and jerk at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Hossein and his weightlifter chums pack a serious amount of muscle into their sizeable frames. An intense training regime, high-calorie diet and some good old fashioned whey protein shakes are needed to make dreams of gold, silver and bronze a reality.

However there is a lighter side to weightlifting. Here are our favourite ‘effort faces’ of Olympic weightlifters, straining for success.

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