The 6 best post-workout foods


What will you be eating?

You’ve smashed your workout. You’re feeling good and those PBs were left trembling. So now what do you do?

You might have a whey protein isolate shake, you might get on the foam roller, but what should you eat?

Here’s our six best post workout foods.

1. Eggs


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Did the egg come first?

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Eggs are full of protein, and we all know that protein is the building block of muscle mass. Eggs also features the full spectrum of essential amino acids, as well as all non-essential aminos too. To finish, eggs have a high biological value; this value being 100. Or in simple terms this is the measure of how much protein in the source is useable. So eggs are the Bee’s knees.

How to have said eggs? Go with an an omelette. Because despite what Rocky tells you, the bioavailability of a raw egg is far less than a cooked egg. So cooking is the way to go. Having an omelette is possibly the healthiest, tastiest and quickest way to get eggy goodness inside you.

This means you can consume good protein in a period of anabolism, whilst getting something that you can add flavour to, in the way of ham, spinach or spicy chicken.

2. Oily fish

You don’t have to catch an eel, though that would be a good way to get some cardio in. All we are recommending is that you find some tuna, or some salmon, and incorporate them into your post workout regime.

As well as the protein in the different fishes, they are also full of omega 3. This helps with your general health, and also boosts your immune system. When you work out, your immune system tends to be lowered, which is the reason why upper respiratory infection is so common among athletes.

Supplementing with omega is a great idea, especially as the western diet is now so low in essential fatty acids, but getting the natural benefits from food is also a great idea.

3. Pasta


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Name that pasta!

A staple pre-workout food. But it’s also very good for after a workout. This is because of the complex carbs, which give your body energy over a prolonged period, meaning your body has the right fuel to repair itself.

Pasta is known as a staple because it goes with pretty much anything. Meaning it can be part of a filling meal, and can be cooked in no time. To finish off the mini celebration of pasta, remember that it is also full of protein, because of the eggs that are used to make it.

If you want a pasta that’s super high in protein, then you could always try Dr Zak’s High Protein Pasta.

Some great post workout supplements

4. Bananas


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When Eric eats a banana…

After a workout, you need fuel to recover, and that is what sugar gives you. Bananas are full of natural sugars, so are perfect for this purpose.

“But too much sugar is bad!” you cry. That is the case. But by increasing your blood sugar levels you trigger your pancreas into releasing insulin. This then helps to transfer nutrients, in the way of amino acids, to your muscles. After a workout, this is where you want the protein to be.

Potassium. which bananas are full of, is one of the main salts which are excreted during an intense period of exercise. If these salts aren’t replenished, you can end up dehydrated.

5. Peanut butter


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MY daily breakfast too!

Peanuts aren’t nuts, they’re legumes. But this doesn’t stop their awesomeness. They are full of good fats, giving your body the energy it needs to recover after strenuous exercise. Peanut butter is no different.

Sometimes, peanut butter can be full incredibly high in sugar, or the jar in your hand may have a long list of ingredients. In simple terms, if you keep the ingredient list down, ideally to just “peanuts” then you’ll have a product that is superb for recovery.

Peanut butter can also help to lower cholesterol, has a healthy dose of protein and when put on healthy bread (i.e. seeded or wholemeal), you have a nice quick snack with a decent carb profile.

6. Rice pudding


Fruit is optional

Really? Yep really. The sugars, carbs and protein in rice pudding will help with recovery, and you can add fruit to get extra nutrients too.

Our main reason for picking rice pudding is because we think it is a great way to take creatine. Simply serve up your rice pudding as you normally would, get your serving of creatine powder and mix.

Don’t knock it, until you’ve tried it!

And to wash it all down

A protein shake, along with some creatine and BCAAs is probably the easiest way to get goodness in, post workout. But a glass of orange juice would also be a good idea. Full of vitamins that help to keep you fit, as well as natural sugars to aid recovery, it is also a great drink to have with creatine.

If you don’t have orange juice, don’t have any whey protein to hand, then what should you go for to re-hydrate? Water. Sounds simple, but many people forget.

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