The Fitness Round Up: March 2015


What did you do in March?

The clocks have gone forward, we have a load of bank holidays to look forward to and soon it should be “sun’s out, guns out” weather.

So spring is basically upon us, that means the cut is well and truly in play for many of you out there, and fat burners will be at the ready.

But what happened before the onset of spring? Let’s take a look at March’s best moments.

First of all…

Before we get under way, here’s a MASSIVE congrats to Mark Smith. He recently got on the stage with none other than Phil Heath at a show in Houston. Mark won the adaptive class and shows that anything is possible.

1. The five fitness mistakes that are holding you back

To be honest, we included this as many of you didn’t like it. Though the video at the end is a classic.

2. What I learned becoming a bodybuilder, age 45

A professor takes up bodybuilding, and analyses her time. Lots of hot bods on show!

3. The 35 day life of a KFC chicken

The gravy may be amazing, but are the living conditions of the chickens inhumane, or just modern farming?

4. Achilles Williams hit by train like Greg Plitt

Another pointless death. Another fitness figure hit by a train. Truly tragic, a terrible waste of life.

5. The top 6 post-workout foods

You guys loved this. Just as much as we love number 6…

6. The 15 worst sugary drunks in Britain

The Daily Mail (or Daily Fail as you like to call it) use Hobnobs as a great reference for sugar in drinks such as orange juice and Lucozade.

7. Do you even lift?

A great radio documentary on the mission for a perfect body, and the larger “body image” issues at stake.

8. How to lift weights

A stripped back look at lifting stuff, including a reference to beer, the Hulk and more.

9. Bodybuilder given three weeks to live battles cancer with clean eating

Many of you focused more on the possible illegal substances, some on the stupid idea that creatine is bad for you (note: there is NO evidence to say it is) and some just found it positive.

10. Eddie Hall 462kg deadlift

This is the only way to finish things really. The MONSTER that is Eddie Hall, cheered on by Terminator, lifts more than anyone ever…deadlift wise anyway!

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