Our Top 5 Pre-Workout Foods


OUR top 5 for you!

Do you eat clean? We hope so. Yes you can have the odd bit of deliciously moreish bacon, and the occasional slice of cake, but overall, it’s best to eat healthy.

Not only will eating proper, nutritious food maintain your general health, but with a good balance of fats, carbs and protein, you can make some serious gains.

And how do we get those gains? We workout! But what do we eat before we workout?

Let’s take a look!

1. Pasta

Carbohydrates are a fantastic source of muscular energy. So before your workout, eat a big bowl of pasta. Wholemeal pasta is slower digesting with less sugar, meaning you will have sustained energy for a longer period of time. This enhances muscular glycogen stores, which in turn, promotes protein synthesis.

But isn’t pasta on it’s own a tad on the boring side? For some yes. A Supplement Centre favourite is to chuck in a big tin of tuna, for added protein!

2. Oats/Porridge

Just like pasta, oats are a great source of carbs. Many see porridge as the best possible breakfast as it is cheap, full of energy and can be made very tasty. The same goes for eating porridge before a workout.

Oats and porridge are also very adaptable. So you can add in fruits, nuts and of course milk for those essential muscle building fats.

3. Bananas

That delicious yellow fruit; crammed full of potassium. And what does that do? Potassium helps to maintain muscle, keep your bones strong and aids rehydration.

Bananas are also crammed full of energy, in the shape of both carbs and natural sugar. So have a banana 30 minutes before a workout, perhaps with a bit of yoghurt, and then get down the gym!

4. Coffee

Now time for a drink! Caffeine, oh wonderful caffeine. It can increase awareness, sharpen focus and even improve mood! That’s probably the reason why there are so many energy drinks and pre-workout supplements on the market.

But what if you don’t have a tub of Rage 3.0 Rampage to hand? Well that’s where Sumatran beans, a mug and a dash of milk come in handy. Plus, unlike many energy drinks, you don’t have to worry about a mountain of sugar messing up your macros.

If you really want to jazz things up, then you could even try Protein Coffee or for a kickstart in the morning, Bulletproof Coffee.

5. The old faithful…chicken and rice

Yes chicken and rice (normally brown) is the go to meal for any fitness enthusiast. You get energy, protein with which to repair and build muscle and just enough fat to help you on your way.

Most people go for brown rice, as like with wholemeal pasta, the carbs are more complex and slower digesting, meaning more energy for a longer period of time.

And a word about chicken and rice

If you are going to post a picture of your chicken and rice onto social media, then please make sure you season it or make it look exciting. Sad food makes us feel sad, and no one wants that.

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