Top fitness blogs by talented trainers

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Personal Trainer

Get results with a PT
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When it comes to packing on muscle and blitzing body fat, advice from a personal trainer or coach can really help.

So here’s a handpicked collection of professional training and coaching blogs, crammed full with free expert advice on becoming the strongest, biggest, best version of yourself.

Iron Mac Fitness


Drop and give me 20!

After 11 years of active military service in everywhere from Kosovo to Iraq, Andy “IronMac” McKenzie decided to bring the full weight of his military training and experience to bear in his work as a strength and conditioning coach.

As well as training athletes and sports stars, he runs a popular blog.

With titles such as ‘I am not impressed with your 1 rep max’ and ‘only when you can give 100%’, you know what you’re in for, dare you enter. Now drop and give me 20.



Boss of the weightroom

Brains and brawn? Say hello to Sally Moss. She has an English degree from Cambridge University and was voted one of the ‘Top 10 Most Influential Women’ by Strength & Conditioning magazine.

A fierce competitor, she won silver at the World Drug Free Powerlifting Championships in 2009 and also took part in the British Weightlifting Olympic Trials in 2012.

As well as lifting some serious iron, she writes for both Women’s Fitness and Men’s Fitness magazine.

Nick Mitchell Blog

nick mitchell

Gym owner slash blogger

Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, a 12-year-old Nick Mitchell decided to make it his mission to get big muscles.

He achieved that goal way back in the 90s when he qualified as heavyweight for the British Bodybuilding Championships. He transformed himself from a “scrawny 6ft 3″ giraffe into great physical shape.

Now Nick runs his own personal training gyms in London and keeps muscle-lovers up-to-date with tips and expert advice on his blog.

Scott Fenn Fitness

Scott Fenn

Genetics don’t matter, hard work does

Scott Fenn has a body many men would chop off their right arm for.

But as he says: “I wasn’t born with anything like what might be called “superior” genetics… actually I think its fair to say I wasn’t even born with “good” genetics.”

So how did he manage it? Old fashioned hard work. “When you cut the crap and just get going you start to see results, and results, my friend, are addictive.”

Scott’s blog covers everything from effective stretching to stripping – it’s not what you think!

Physique Consultant

Luke Haslett

Youngest ever WBFF Pro fitness model

“You must plan for success, not hope to get there by chance.”

And it seems blogger Luke Haslett practices what he preaches.

At 22 he’s only just starting out, but has already made his mark. He is the youngest WBFF Pro fitness model ever and has been featured in magazines, Muscle & Fitness and REPS. He has also been in a series of Nike ads.

Currently studying for an MSc in sports and exercise, his sights are set on a PhD. Luke is ripped and going places.

Bulletproof Fitness

Bulletproof Fitness

Alex doesn’t let his asthma hold him back

An asthmatic with scarred lungs from whooping cough, Alex Southward wasn’t a natural athlete. But with determination alone, he beat the odds.

After years of trying new systems and fad workouts, Alex decided to become a trainer himself.

Now a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, he knows what it takes to get the body you want.

“The approach I have to fitness is that it should improve your life, make you look and feel better, it should be fun – not a grind.”

This is a new blog on the block with plenty of promise.

Cast Iron Knowledge

Cast Iron Knowledge

British Bench Press Record holder

Working with everyone from the elderly exercising for the first time, right through to Olympic medalists, it’s fair to say Marc has a cast iron knowledge of strength and conditioning.

But Marc doesn’t stop at training other people to win medals, he’s got his own impressive collection of accolades too, including the British Bench Press Record.

To get a slice of his knowledge, check out his You Tube channel or his blog.

You’ll find eloquent posts on everything from losing fat to dealing with failure.

GNC Live Well

GNC Live Well

BNBF British Junior Champion

Currently ranked BNBF British Junior Champion, it’s safe to say that Lee Constantinou is a bit of a boss at bodybuilding the natural way.

He has also been a cover model for Healthy for Men magazine, has a black belt in karate and is currently working as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant.

His expertise shines from every blog post, whether he’s advising which supplements to take or teaching correct weight lifting form.

Lauretta Curtis

Laurette Curtis

A keen bodybuilding competitor

Placing second at the UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation bodybuilding show, Lauretta Curtis is one super sculpted lady.

Having shown she can walk the walk, Lauretta is well placed as a personal trainer. She knows exactly what it takes to get in shape, from firsthand experience.

Her blog is a mixture of all things fitness, with a heavy emphasis on nutrition. Want to find out the truth about milk or learn some healthy snack recipes? Go, go, go!

Matt Lo – Fit Me Now

Fit Me Now

Seriously muscle bound

The proof is in the guns.

With biceps that big, you can’t help but listen up when Matt Lo gives advice on getting stronger and bigger.

Currently working as a personal trainer, Matt is on a mission to to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, which means his knowledge of nutrition and strength training is about to get supercharged. Definitely one to watch.

Taylor’s Fitness Training

Taylors Fitness Training

On a serious mission

21-year-old Danny Taylor is on a mission: “I’m going to change the fitness industry in this country.”

Sick of commercial gyms he wants to popularise traditional, old school gyms: “no distractions, no unhealthy vending machine snacks and drinks, no making you feel comfortable.” Serious stuff.

And his blog is no different, with articles on how to shatter your one rep PR and personal progress reports such as “5 Months Of Torture… My Experiment.”


Charlie Launder

Charlie Launder

Training by example

Spending her days training clients, Charlie knows what it takes to get strong and look good.

“I make sure to keep myself fit and healthy by living a very balanced life, combining a varied diet with a gruelling exercise regime.”

Her blog is a blend of all things health and fitness, with an emphasis on strength. So whether you’re looking for a core workout plan to follow, or for something more in depth such as ‘Psychology of Exercise’, you’ll find it here.

The Fit Factory

The Fit Factory

Pump that iron

Blogger Johanna is all about building muscle, losing fat and eating proper nutrition in order to get the body you want.

A personal trainer and nutrition consultant, she knows her stuff and explains it all in an easy to digest way, perfect for beginners.

Delve into The Fit Factory and find out how to achieve ketosis, pack on the muscle and bulk up or just have a good old flick through the tempting, tasty but altogether nutritional recipes.

Protein pancakes? Yes please!

BM Strength

BM strength and fitness

Moderation is key

“I have been playing sports and lifting weights all my life. It’s all I know!”

Ben McClure is a qualified nutrition consultant as well as a trainer.

His advice is science based and promotes a healthy balanced lifestyle.

As he writes: “you don’t have to remove the things you love, like cheesecake or beer,” just remember, moderation is key!

Daves Gym Blog

Daves Gym

Great twitter feed

Ever wondered about the differences between Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Strongman or Crossfit?

Or pondered how to make each work for you? Then it’s time to check this blog out.

Blogger, Dave Carter runs his own gym and he’s a Twitter addict too, with daily gems like: “It takes a real man to wear pink stripy socks for a workout at Dave’s. You know who you are, and we salute you. Rock on.”

Dave Stidolph Strength and Conditioning

Dave Stidolph

Look good in 4 hours a week

Limited time for working out?

Blogger Dave Stidolph believes you can have the body you want by working out for just four hours each week.

And having trained everyone from professional sports players and models to the ‘Joe average public’, Dave knows what he’s talking about.

Mario Fitness

Mario Fitness

Get a 6 pack with Mario

Personal trainer Mario believes that “through consistency and perseverance, anyone can achieve their fitness goals.”

That’s where his blog comes in handy. Although pretty new, it’s evident the guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to getting in shape.

His article on debunking fitness myths is a great eye opener.

Plus if you’ve ever wanted to get a 6 pack (and who doesn’t?) then check out Marios guide to getting rock hard abs.

4Ever Fitness

4ever Fitness

A great resource

Dean has a degree in Sport and exercise development and a post grad teaching certificate. Co-writer Paul is a dad on a mission to stay fit.

They’ve joined fitness forces to create the ultimate fitness site that caters for anyone looking to pack on a bit of muscle.

Stuffed with info-rich articles like ‘how to build muscle at home’ and even some thoughts on nutrition, like ‘Christmas dinner advice,’ this blog is a must read for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle.

If you know of any other great fitness blogs worth sharing, please let us know in the comments below.

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