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Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Harder, better, faster, stronger.

This lot know firsthand the pain, grit and sweat involved in getting the body you want.

From skinny to obese, diabetic to asthmatic, it hasn’t always been an easy road. But the one thing they all have in common is the mental strength and dogged determination to push through the pain and get results.

Prepare to be inspired.

Relentless Gains

Barry Lumsden overcame his 'hardgainer' genes

Barry Lumsden overcame his ‘hardgainer’ genes

“I walk the talk…I’m not some faceless geek sitting behind a computer who knows nothing about building muscle and losing fat.”

That’s what we like to hear! Barry Lumsden is a fitness fanatic from Scotland, a self-titled skinny guy cursed with ‘hardgainer’ genetics. Getting the body he wanted was tough.

“Through years of research, experience, trial and error, I was finally able to crack the muscle building code.”

Barry is now on hand to dish out advice to help his fellow skinny guys get big!

Propane Fitness

propane fitness

Three fitness junkies

The creation of three fitness junkies, PropaneFitness is a great place to read up on lifting and nutrition.

And the guys are pretty funny, too. Ben is doing a PHD in maths and he’s been training for three years, Jonny is a self-styled “former fat kid” who decided to get fit, and Yusef was your typical skinny guy who got hench.

Together, they are an unbeatable trio covering everything from apps to help you stay on track, to protein-fueled recipes.

Protein Marshmallow Mousse, anyone?

Spikes and Heels

spikes and heels

Fitness for badass women

Sick of the usual tosh the fitness industry aim at women, Muireann Carey-Campbell decided to create Spikes and Heels, “the fitness site for badass women”.

Why? “It’s time to not give a f**k who sees you in your Lycra. It’s time to celebrate your sweat. It’s time to push yourself, to run so hard you leave your lungs on the track, throw your heels on after a session and walk home like a don.”

Hear, hear! Muireann’s currently embracing her badass side with the insanity training plan.

Check out her progress at Spikes and Heels.

Strength and Fitness Tips

strength and fitness

Not your average uni student

Will Cecil wasn’t your average uni student.

Instead of subsisting on cheap lager and value-brand carbs, he decided to get seriously hench instead!

“I took the mantra, if you want something badly enough you will find a way to get it.”

Will’s blog is now a go-to resource for those wanting to get ripped, with advice on everything from the best home workout equipment, to when to take creatine.

Building Muscles

Baz after 120 days

Baz after 120 days

At 53, Baz looked in the mirror and hated what he saw. The years (and gravity) had taken its toll and he longed for a physique to be proud of.

So what did he do? Stopped the excuses and got into serious beast mode.

He created a training and diet plan that he stuck to resolutely, and within 120 days, he’d gone from an almost 40” waist to 33”. Not to mention he looked like a completely different person.

Check out Building Muscles to see his impressive transformation pictures and find out what he did to achieve it.

Food for Mass

Bye, bye cottage cheese...

Bye-bye cottage cheese…

Want big muscles? Then you know you need foods that pack a serious protein punch.

But turkey slices and cottage cheese can get a little samey after a while. That’s where Food For Mass saves the day.

How do meat feast pizza, chicken korma and chocolate pancakes sound? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that with a few tweaks, these tasty treats are all available in protein-loaded forms.

Bye-bye, cottage cheese, it’s been nice knowing you…


In training to be the world's strongest man

In training for the World’s Strongest Man

“The purpose of this site is to turn you, the average nondescript person, into a superbeing… just like me.”

Well, if that’s not an incentive to check this out, we don’t know what is. “It is not a process that requires a great deal of intelligence. It does however require heroic grit and determination.”

Luckily, SumoMan, currently training for the World’s Strongest Man, is on hand to dish out in-depth advice in a way everyone can understand.

Home Physique

Banish the beer belly

Banish the beer belly

Dan was an overweight beer guzzler, but he’s since undergone an impressive transformation.

Along the way he has put together an awesome website and YouTube channel dedicated to bodybuilding and weight loss. You can expect supplement reviews, training logs and basic strength training advice, perfect for a newbie.

He’s also a lovely fella: “I don’t ask for anything in return other than you help spread the word so that I can motivate and inspire as many people as possible.”



Online muscle growth mag

Sarah plays rugby and lifts heavy. Jon is a track and field athlete training to compete at professional level.

Together, they combine their knowledge to write Hypertrophy, a blog dedicated to muscle growth and everything you need to achieve it.

One of Jon’s recent posts covers how to score protein on the cheap – a must-read for anyone keen to bulk up on a budget.

Muscle Guide

muscle guide

The inside scoop on celebrity workouts

If you’ve ever wondered how Channing Tatum got his six pack or how Daniel Craig bulked up, then Muscle Guide is for you.

It’s the inside scoop on celebrity workouts. Who knew Vin Diesel was a yoga fan?

As well as popular celeb workout routines, this blog has sections devoted to bodybuilding, diet and supplements.

We love the detailed workout plans for muscle groups and isolated muscles.

The Fit Writer

Nicola Joyce

Nicola has swum the channel twice

Whoever said bodybuilders can’t swim? Nicola Joyce is proof they can. She’s swum the English channel, not once but twice.

But bodybuilding will always be her first love, and to prove it, she has won 2nd and 3rd places at two British Finals.

As well as being a fitness junkie, Nicola writes about it for a living. Needless to say, she knows her stuff.

Worlds Fittest

Erny used to be a skinny guy

Erny used to be a skinny guy

From skinny guy to super ripped in just one year – now, that’s an achievement.

Blogger Erny Peibst says it’s all down to “non-stop research on nutrition and exercise, plus experimenting in the gym”.

He’s used this knowledge to create his blog, which is full of advice on how to maximise muscle growth and get you looking buff ASAP.

To Muscle

Grow muscles the right way

Grow muscles the right way

Designed to “help bodybuilding and sports enthusiasts pass by the hype and clutter that dominates the Internet today”, To Muscle is a must-see resource for anyone interested in growing muscles the right way.

With content based on the latest and greatest research, To Muscle is presented in a fun and accessible way.

Check out “The 10 Commandments of Muscle Building Nutrition” to discover what you should be eating and drinking for maximum muscle growth.

A Stronger Steve

Steve uses the Paleo approach

Steve uses the Paleo approach

Once in the clutches of type 2 diabetes, Steve knew he needed to make some drastic changes to get his health back on track.

Then he discovered CrossFit and, like so many before him, became a convert. He’s currently using a winning combination of CrossFit and a paleo diet to manage his health.

You can read all about his journey to health on the aptly named A Stronger Steve.

Carl Gottlieb

Carl's body is a work-in-progress

Carl’s body is a work-in-progress

Ever wondered what it takes to get the body you’d dream of?

Carl tells it like it is, warts and all. Currently following a gruelling 12-week body transformation plan, he’s keeping readers up to date on his progress to reach super-ripped status.

The plan involves high-intensity exercise, plenty of lifting iron and a low-calorie, low-carb diet. Ouch!

Homemade Fitness

Check out the reviews on Homemade Fitness

Check out the reviews on Homemade Fitness

Stuck in a supplement conundrum?

Check out the review section of Homemade Fitness – it’s chock-a-block with honest reviews, testing everything from the supplements’ “effectiveness” to “mixability”. Hey, nobody wants a lumpy shake!

Plus there is a whole section dedicated to motivation, with inspiring before-and-after snaps.

You’ll soon be inspired to put down the doughnut and pick up the dumbbells.

Joseph Agu

Joseph steers clear of fad-diets

Joseph steers clear of fad-diets

From evaluating the new “back carb loading” theory to disputing Poliquin’s much-cited theories: “I never subscribe to fads or the latest diet craze, just stuff that has proven to work effectively.”

That’s the way to do it. A nutrition consultant with a penchant for writing aimed at weightlifters, Joseph’s blog is a must-read for anyone looking to build muscle effectively and safely.

Lift Like a Girl

A girl you will want to lift like

A girl you will want to lift like

Currently in training for Southwest’s Strongest Woman, Jane brings a whole new meaning to the insult “lift like a girl”.

For one, she can deadlift more than her own body weight.

A class act at juggling powerlifting, mum duties and studying, Jane is hugely inspirational and we wish her all the best for her next competition.

Overdrive Training

Bust urban fitness myths

Bust urban fitness myths

Thought breakfast was the most important meal of the day and cardio was the best way to lean out? Think again.

Overdrive Training is dedicated to busting popular myths that plague the fitness industry and leave people with shoddy results.

As well as debunking urban fitness legends, Harry and David tell you what TO do as well, and they’re on hand to make sure you get the most out of your diet and lifting routine.

Hotify Me

Challenge yourself to a hotter, fitter body

Challenge yourself to a hotter, fitter body

Encouraging women to challenge themselves to a fitter body, HotifyMe does what it says on the tin.

Co-founder Lenka Gourdi beams positivity: “Achieving the best possible body does not need to be boring or painful, it should be enjoyable and fun.”

Introducing TRX workouts and bodyweight exercises, HotifyMe is a far cry from the cardio bunny message many women’s magazines pedal.

Fundamentalist Fitness

Mega muscles

Mega muscles

Bristol-based blogger Goji Conway has recently undergone an impressive transformation from average lifter to super ripped – just look at that picture.

His blog is bursting at the seams with useful tips on how to achieve his mega muscular look, from a guide on the popular weightlifters’ diet and intermittent fasting, to advice on how to avoid overtraining.

With over 25 years’ experience of lifting, Goji is worth paying attention to.

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