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Be inspired…

From Paris to the Sahara Desert, leisurely holiday plods to super serious races, this bunch have cycled just about everywhere imaginable.

Their posts are crammed full of the good stuff and are sure to tickle any keen cyclists fancy. Learn about the mechanics of your bike from an engineer, read up on the science behind the sport or simply indulge in their 2-wheeled adventures around the world.

Whether you’re looking to increase your speed or dip your toes into the world of cycling for the very first time, look no further than our super cycling bloggers…

Buffalo Bill’s Bicycle Blog

When blogger Buffalo Bill noticed part of this year’s tour would pass close to Eurostar’s direct service to Avignon, he grabbed his wheels and set off to complete his own ‘mini tour’.

Two stages completed in a week and some fascinating insights into the world’s most famous bike race.

Bill blogs about his two-wheeled expeditions, the latest in cycling news and tips for bike enthusiasts in the capital. A great read.

Cheshire Classic

Once a year the village of Weaverham transforms into a tough 7km racetrack for some of the UK’s best female cyclists. The Cheshire Classic women’s road race is over 30 years old and has seen many amazing riders get their big break. Like 2011 winner, Lucy Garner who aged just 16, battled her way up ‘the Cliff’ to snatch first place.

Check out this blog for inspirational interviews with Lucy and others, top tips for finding the perfect bike, and local training sessions so you can get in shape for next year’s race!

Cozy Beehive

“In the beginning God created the bicycle…” and then he created Cozy Beehive to teach you the nuts and bolts of cycling. This engineer isn’t afraid to delve into the science of the sport and there are myriad charts and calculators galore to keep you entertained.  Calculate your target heart rate, or your power to weight ratio – and that’s just for starters. Just a regular afternoon at the Beehive.

This blog is an unbeatable mixture of invaluable tools and side-splitting comedy. Don’t miss it.

Cycling Embassy of Great Britain

Lobbying politicians, and calling out Boris Johnson when he says London’s junctions are just ‘fine’ for cyclists.  It’s all in a day’s work for the Cycling Embassy. These conscientious campaigners take busy roads and dangerous cycle paths into their own hands, in their quest to make bikes the UK’s favourite form of transport.

Join this noble cause and get all the latest from the campaign trail with this ambitious blog.

Cycling Info

Ever wondered what life is like as a competitive cyclist? Wonder no more! Tejvan has been entering (and winning) races for years. His stories are so vivid you’ll think you’re there with him, fighting up the infamous Kirkstone Pass – aka ‘The Struggle’ – and tearing down the other side.

He gives great advice for anyone interested in entering competitions.  If you’ve been considering a hill climb, he’ll tell you why you should go for it – and he keeps his readers up to date with all his training too. Phew!

Cycling Shorts

Fancy leaving London for a trip to the east coast? Then hop on your penny farthing and off you go. That’s right, 200km journeys on outdated velocipedes are just one of the many cycling adventures you’ll find on Cycling Shorts.

Whether you’re after inspiring cycling stories or bike-inspired designs for your home, you’ll find them all here. Cycling Shorts is perfect for your regular dose of biking joy.

Cyclist No.1

Dust, heat, altitude and overwhelming achievement: the Titan Desert Race is a six day trek through the Moroccan desert.  Certainly not for the faint-hearted, it’s just one of the many mountain biking adventures undertaken by the passionate contributors to this brilliant blog.

Cyclist No.1 is at the cutting edge of the mountain biking world. The blog gives the lowdown on events, races and equipment so you can stay ahead of the game.

Filles a Velo

How do you celebrate achieving a new cycling personal best? With hot chocolate and homemade cheesecake, of course! That’s how Gabby Day treated herself when she came 6th at the Roubaix World Cup this year. There are plenty of other success stories like hers at Filles a Velo, the cycling blog written especially for Scottish women.

A quick visit and you’ll be itching to get going yourself, so check out the races and social events or, if you’re a complete beginner, head off to Track School!

The Inner Ring

In the north of France, on the Paris-Roubaix race circuit, is a race track with a difference. The Trouée d’Arenberg is paved with cobblestones – a test of bone-shaking endurance that challenges even pro cyclists. The mainstream media might not cover cycling gems like this, but luckily The Inner Ring is here to pick up the slack.

This blog – packed with fantastic photos and in-depth race reports – is one of the best examples you’ll find of online cycling journalism.

Do The Right Thing…

Ever heard of a bicycle powered helicopter? You have now! Take a look at Do The Right Thing for the lowdown on this wacky invention and plenty of other weird and wonderful cycling stories. It’s all part of blogger Karl’s plan to bring about a, “quiet, green, friendly and, above all else, fun” revolution in the way we all get around.

An avid cyclist, Karl uses his blog to document his rides and the discoveries he makes about biking culture, including some fantastic tips about cycling if you live in a city.

London Cyclist

Struggling for cycle storage?  This blogger has some great solutions, from hanging your bike on the wall with hooks, to suspending it from the ceiling with a pulley. The choice is yours!
London Cyclist is an invaluable blog for cyclists who live in London and want to indulge their hobby in the city’s busy streets.

This is a must-read for all bike fanatics, and a love song to a city that’s full of hidden pathways, perfect for discovery by bike.


Phil likes nothing better than road-cycling and he started this fantastic blog to document his progress in the sport. This gutsy cyclist isn’t afraid to take on the biggest, baddest tracks out there. Fighting headwinds? Climbing cobbled hills? Taking on the UK’s most dangerous road?  He’s done it all and much more.

Discover great tips about getting started and improving your speed, from a man with plenty of fascinating stories to tell.

Quest Adventure

Giving up crisps, biscuits and beer to get in shape might seem like a sacrifice, but when the goal is taking on the South Downs Way and battling to a new personal record on ‘Hateful Hill’, we reckon it was all worth it.

This enthusiastic blogger loves everything about cycling: the exercise, the speed and, of course, the spectacular views of countryside rides. Why not take a look at his route maps and plan a trip of your own?

Quick Release

On a recent trip to France, the brains behind Quick Release came across some rather unusual cycling fashion. While day-glo Lycra and helmets with mohicans might not catch on in the UK cycling scene, we’re sure this excellent blog will.

Quick Release is jam-packed with fascinating articles about car culture vs. bike culture and the latest cycling championships news. It’s run by Carlton Reid, a man who has cycled all over the world, from Iceland to the Sahara Desert.

The Bike Show

The thrill of cycling doesn’t have to be all about painful hill climbs. Sometimes a dose of spectacular scenery is enough to make a ride worthwhile; that’s why the gorgeous Raglan Castle, Monmouthshire has proved to be such a hit with sightseeing cyclists. Of course, The Bike Show offers its fair share of sporting struggles too, including a celebration of the Tour de France’s hundredth birthday.

This weekly radio program features interviews with top cycling professionals, chats with cycling globetrotters and some truly stunning photography.

The Foot Down

Cycling and camping go hand in hand, but the first time this intrepid blogger tried his hand at solo wild camping, it got a bit hairy: the light faded and he still hadn’t found a spot to pitch his tent. His hilarious account of a night under canvas (and the terrifying wolf-mouse that plagued his groundsheet) will certainly have you coming back for more.

For nostalgic trips and cycling stories with a healthy dose of humour, you can’t go wrong with The Foot Down.

The Washing Machine Post

What started as a joke birthday card (yes, really!) has, over the years, become The Washing Machine Post, an authoritative blog about all things cycling: from races to water bottles, cookbooks to glove treasure hunts.

Here you can keep track of his expeditions – The Ride of the Falling Rain is about as damp as it sounds! – and other people’s escapades, like the brave duo cycling from the Arctic Circle to South Africa in a record-breaking 100 days, to raise money for a school-building charity. Adventure is just a click away.

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