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If Jackie Chan did blogs…

Cardiovascular fitness, strength, speed and agility – just some of the qualities required to excel as a martial artist.

Add the strong element of mental training that goes into the mix and you’ve got a way of life, not just a pastime. Here we take a look some of the best combat sports blogs out there. Inspiring, original and nothing if not an eye opener.

Rosie Sexton

Rosie ‘the surgeon’ Sexton is scary for two reasons.  First, because she’s so brainy: She has a first class degree in maths from Cambridge and a Phd in theoretical computer science from Manchester.  Second, she’s a cage fighter.

Oh and along the way, she qualified and now works as an osteopath.  A professional fighter since 2002, her record is 13-3.  We’re sure you’ll agree – the sums ‘add up’ to a great career.

Combat Lab

What martial art includes cold water dousing, fasting and packs a punch that’s famous for its force?  Answer – the Russian martial art, ‘Systema’.

If you fancy learning the fighting techniques practised by Joseph Stalin’s own personal bodyguards then this is the site for you.  The site’s owner, Paul Genge is a 5th dan Bujinkan Taijutsu who took to Systema back in 1999.

A wealth of info here for anyone interested in hand to hand combat, Soviet style.

Joshua Palmer

At the tender age of 23, Joshua weighed in at a severely out of shape 146 kg.

At the time his sedentary job, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle promised just one thing – an early heart attack.  But then he discovered Jiu Jitsu, and MMA.  Not only is Joshua a BJJ fanatic, but the architect is now also a combat sports commentator with broadcast credits from TV networks such as Fox, ESPN, Sky Sports, Setanta under his belt.

And what colour belt is that?  You’ll have to read his blog.

Split Decision

‘MMA is for life not just for Christmas’.  So says the strapline on this excellent blog.  If you want the lowdown on life in the cage, here’s where it’s at.

There are interviews, profiles, and news of upcoming seminars with such luminaries as UFC fighter Rosie Sexton.  Based in the North West, blog authors Simon Caffery and David Gillibrand aim to give a little back to their favorite sport – with an emphasis on supporting local fighters.

As they say: ‘they deserve just as much recognition for their efforts as the top pro’s on the world stage.’

Striking thoughts

Want to see some of the latest exploits of aging all action hero, Steven Seagal? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll find some striking Youtube action of the 7th dan black belt in Aikido showing both sides of his somewhat eccentric personality.  Choose between watching the aging actor belly dance or demonstrate Aikido.

Plenty of more serious martial arts content here too.

Write Cross

Ever wonder exactly why talents like Floyd Mayweather and Wladimir Klitschko get knocked by detractors?  Write Cross is a blog that discusses all the issues in and around boxing, so there’s plenty to stimulate debate here.

According to the author – both fighters would have excelled in any era, but Klitschko has no effective competition.  As for  Mayweather – world titles in five different weight classes is impressive to say the least – but has he deliberately avoided the Filipino, Manny Pacquiao?

ACS Martial Arts

Martial arts are often peppered with words of wisdom from wise senseis past and present.  But which famous person said this?

Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don’t, then who will?

An eclectic mix of posts by this martial arts instructor and self styled, ‘blogonator’ – musings on martial arts, sports and life in general.  The quote was from the one and only Marilyn Monroe. If you want to know what else she said – better read the blog.

Art of writing about fighting

How long will Cain Velasquez be the UFC heavyweight champion?  Some, think he’ll be little more than a flash in the pan, but does this blogger share the same view?

Perhaps not, as he points out: in many ways, ‘his [Velasquez] outstanding cardio is a superior weapon to his strong wrestling and solid striking.’  A phenomenal work rate in a heavy weight is hard for an opponent to handle.

Some interesting points well made.

MMA Verse

Gods of war: the greatest fighters in combat sports.

Quite a title for a blog post – and OK, so Ali is a shoe in for the title of greatest boxer of all time, but what of the other martial arts. Ernesto Hoost for kickboxing?  Taekwondo – Steven Lopez?  Have a look and see what you think.

Blogger, Jenhao Chan is an MMA enthusiast who writes, well – interesting stuff.

The Blog of the fighting photographer

Check out Braulio Estima’s 2013 Mundials knee bar.  What a great move – one of many inspiring technical clips you’ll find here.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu features heavily, along with MMA –  this blog is great resource for martial arts enthusiasts.  For those who are just curious, or perhaps thinking of taking up the art, you’ll get a flavour of what you’re letting yourself in for.

The blog is written by Carl Fisher, a 42-year-old BJJ brown belt with Combat Base UK.

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