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Many start a triathlon – but not everyone finishes

Can you imagine the dedication involved in getting fit enough to undertake a triathlon? Or even an Ironman?

These unwavering and passionate bloggers have all been through that pain, and come out the other side to tell the tale. Not only that, they’ve shared their experiences with the world, along with their race reports and training stats.

Read on to find out more about the hard core world of the tenacious triathlete.

Run the Line

Do you pay enough attention to your strength training? It has a key part to play for triathletes, as Ross Middleton points out on his blog. While training for an Ironman, he makes sure he’s got enough strength in his legs to avoid injury and speed round the bike course in search of a new PB.

Entering a summer tri? You can risk overheating, and Ross’s tips for staying cool include choosing the breathable, warm weather kit instead of an old race t-shirt, and staying well hydrated.

Looking for a new way to stay fit? Ross recommends joining a bootcamp to push yourself a little harder, and achieve better, quicker results. Being part of a group in a bootcamp is a good way to keep yourself motivated to continue each week, rather than struggling along alone.


“Invest in fitness before kit”. John Sutton’s advice to Triathlon newbies is a fantastic guide to getting started, and setting your priorities.

Triathlon is often seen as three disciplines, but transition is commonly argued as a separate element in the sport. A speedy transition can make a real difference to your race, and John tells you how he uses that to improve his times.

Want to improve your race craft? Take a recce of the race course before the competition. Preparation before a race is key, and one of John’s strategies is to take an early look round. As he says, “The more extensive your pre-race recce, the less the course will hold fears for you, and the better you will perform”

Lunges and Lycra

Charlotte Thomas and Emma Lax were bored of patronising health magazines and male-dominated sports pages, so they created Lunges and Lycra – for women who like “sweating, fitness and the odd nip of gin”.

There’s lots of non-tri info on their blog, too. Looking for hangover-free ways to meet up with mates? They’ve got the perfect answers. (Yoga at the Shard, anyone?)

Check out Charlotte’s regular ‘Month in sweat’ posts keep up to date with what’s going on in the fitness world, – you wouldn’t want to miss the Glow Run, where you run 3k, get sprayed with glow water, dance to music and get lit by a UV backlight!

Graeme Stewart

“How may gels should I take on the bike?” Graeme Stewart has the answer at his cycling nutrition calculator. Just put in your weight and your target power, and this little app will tell you just how many gels to pack!

Do you struggle with the mental wall? Tri trainer Graeme knows that it’s not necessarily the athletes with the best training programs alone that succeed – it’s the ones with the greatest focus and hunger for their goal. His tips include being ready for it, and remembering that it’s normal.

Graeme has a scientific approach to training – and life – and he even finds time to write poetry about the Tri!


Andy Holgate became hooked after his first mud soaked Tri. Six years, five Ironman races, numerous other triathlons, two books, and more blog posts than he cares to count, tell his story.

Author of ‘Can’t Sleep, Can’t Train, Can’t Stop‘, Andy’s even taking the Iron tradition to the next generation, with his daughter taking part in an Iron Kids race in Bolton.

Ever let injury get you down? Andy’s currently charting his way back to full strength after acquiring a bionic shoulder after a 2014 Ironman bike crash. He’s given a detailed account of his surgery, and is making his way through a carrier bag of painkillers.

Joe Skipper

Have you ever been tempted to go pro? Enticed by free race entry and the chance of winning the prize money, it was an easy choice for 2011 amateur middle distance championships winner, Joe Skipper.

6th fastest ever Brit, Joe loves the brutality of Ironman, and that’s what hooked him into tris. He’s entering the iconic Kona Tri for the first time as a pro this year, and you can see all of his training data – how does your training compare?

He nearly hit disaster at Ironman Barcelona in 2014 after puncturing – but managed to come in 6th after he borrowed  a wheel from a spectator!

Coach Cox

Are you an age group athlete looking for a training plan? Since turning his hobby into a career, triathlete Russell Cox has coached age group athletes to success – including in the Ironman World Championship.

And now Russell’s wealth of knowledge is available to you too. Check out his training diaries and race data on his blog. You can analyse his stats in detail to learn what can work for you – and how you can work smarter.

Russell’s  breakdown of an Ironman race emphasises pacing and nutrition, as well as the importance of training. As he says, “When you train you raise fitness, but you also need to learn how that pace feels and how you can best fuel it.”


Ever feel like you’ve had the worst race? “There’s no such thing as bad races, just good stories to tell in the pub” That’s the motto of Laura Fountain and Katie King, Tricurious founders.

Co-authors of the book of the same name, Katie (a life-long runner) and Laura (a self-certified couch potato until a few years ago) put together Team Tricurious – a group of novice triathletes working together towards their first tri.

No longer curious after completing their first tri, their journey continues with Triathlon Relays and Duathlons – but the taste of diesel from the London Tri swim will probably stay with them for a long time.

Joe Duckworth

How do you cope with not being in front? Jo Duckworth reckons: “If you can’t win, make the guy in front of you break the record!” Just some of the wise and motivated words from his blog!

Airport firefighter Joe took his first steps as a GB triathlete this year. He took a respectable 7th in his age group, and his race report of Kona ‘14 is a testament to endurance.

Happier times than the day Joe took a run on Healey Nab and had a run-in with a local goat, sending him waist-deep into the Leeds & Liverpool canal!

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