Train Together, Stay Together, Win Together

Before and after David and Emma

Train together, stay together

Last weekend couple David Egelstaff and Emma Porteous both WON their debut UKBFF competition.
David and Emma met at university in 2011. And after throwing some serious shapes on the dancefloor, Emma fell for David hook line and sinker. Since then they’ve transformed their lifestyles into that of, well, UKBFF winners!

We caught up with them to find out what it takes.

Do you train together

David – 90% of the time, yes. Having a good training partner that you can connect with is crucial in my opinion, as they help to push you further. I enjoy the way that both myself and Emma are able to give each other the constant support and encouragement through knowing each others strengths and weaknesses.

Emma – I find it difficult to train with people I am not that close to as I like the mutual support and strong connection that a partner can give you. Training with David is great, we have a laugh as well as being focused. I think working out together is a great way to strengthen your relationship, you both get the feeling of achievement as well as pride for the other person, as you’ve helped them to push their own boundaries.

Do you compete when you train?

David – I have a very competitive attitude when it comes to sport, but I always remain gracious in defeat; one thing that stemmed from playing rugby throughout my teens! When we do a Crossfit style workout at the end of a session I’ll always try and stay just that bit ahead of Emma, even though sometimes I should probably let her win.

Emma – I love doing high intensity cardio, particularly in the pool as swimming is Dave’s weak spot and my strong point when it comes to sports! I can easily burn him out and he ends up shattered waiting for me in the shallow end while I blast out a few more lengths. Apparently it’s because his “size and muscularity” is weighing him down!

Does your training ever cause arguments?

David – We have never had an argument whilst training in all honesty. We get a lot more argumentative if we haven’t been to the gym or done some kind of exercise throughout the day.

Emma – I’ve got to admit during our peak week when we were 1 week out from our first competition (UKBFF north west championships) and I was a little carb depleted, I did turn a little snappy and felt myself biting his head off in the gym on occasions. But we hugged it out every time!

Everyone wants to date a bikini competitor but nobody wants to deal with their crazy a** in ‘peak week’ no matter how strong your relationship!

How do you help each other when you compete? (who rubs who down first?)

David Egelstaff and Emma Pourteous before

Not exactly out of shape at this point!

David – Our prep for our first show was exactly the same, except for my food/fluid intake was obviously more than Emma’s.
We both made sure that we stuck to our game plan leading up to the show so that we could bring the best possible package on stage. We helped each other with the tanning process, and even on the day of the show we were lucky enough to be on stage back to back so I could help apply the final glaze on top of her tan.

Emma – I’ll never forget what he was like on the day of our competition. When I was announced 1st place, I got backstage and he was literally running round and threw his arms round me when I got back there.

When I came off stage having won and then was able to go straight out and watch David take the win as well. We just couldn’t believe we had done the double when there was such good competition there on the day. Something I will remember forever is standing on that stage together, hand in hand with our trophies in the air as everyone applauded and Flex Magazine took their victory shots!

After the show we were up til 3am lay in bed giggling like school kids, trophy in one hand, Domino’s pizza in the other.

What problems do you face?

David – 4 years ago I sustained a knee injury whilst playing rugby and had to have operations to reconstruct 3 ligaments and a hamstring tendon. This means I have to stay on top of my rehabilitation throughout the entire year or my knee tends to flare up. My supplementation and nutrition is crucial to me and without good supplements and a good diet I know I would have a lot more problems to face than just a dodgy knee.

Emma – At university I joined a model agency where I earned a small wage to keep me afloat and out of debt. I’d always dreamed of becoming a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model and since the age of 10 I wanted nothing more than to strut catwalks internationally wearing the angel wings and beautifully hand crafted underwear of the brands.

Being 5”10 (of majority legs) I thought I was on my way to cracking it when I joined the agency. After 12 months of trying to build my portfolio I finally had enough. After every shoot and casting I was met with disheartening comments regarding my physique – constantly picked and prodded and told I was considered “too muscly”, “small chested” and “too defined” for the industry. On several occasions I was given “guidance” that I must stop eating meat (how ridiculous!), proteins and carbohydrates. They also said I should take up yoga and light jogging and ditch the weights and supplements!

I’ve always had respect for my body and after watching my father be struck by cancer twice, I’ve always maintained the lifelong personal vow to be strong and fit. So I left the agency with my head held high and my health intact.

Through the experience I’ve developed a passion for health and fitness and respecting my body more than ever – now I just want to promote the same for other girls my age.

What are your targets for the future

Both – We are both competing at the Welsh Grand Prix in Port Talbot on the 24th May with the hopes of qualifying for the Arnold Classic in Madrid. It would be an unbelievable experience and the thought is motivating us to train as hard as possible these next few weeks.

We’ve both qualified for the UKBFF British Championships in October so the summer will be focusing on bringing the best we can to that show. We both want to really push on within the fitness industry and inspire other people to start training and begin leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Even if we inspire one couple to take up a healthier lifestyle then it makes it all worth it. Please follow our journeys to the British finals on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and don’t hesitate to contact us with anything you want to know.

Backstage after Warrington show

Backstage after the Warrington win

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