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Triathlon blogs

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Swim, cycle, run!

Have you got what it takes to swim, cycle and run your way to glory? This lot are certainly en route.

Over the last few years demand for the sport has grown as more and more people want a slice of this trio of disciplines.

Offering a whole body, cross training workout, it’s easy to see the appeal of a triathlon. But slightly harder, we imagine, to actually do one!

Fear not, with more medals and PBs then you could shake a stick at, this lot of die-hard tri fans are on hand to point you in the right direction.

Coach Cox

“In my twenties, overweight and unfit I realised if I didn’t do something my thirties wouldn’t look good.”

Blogger, Russell’s response was to fall down the tri ‘rabbit hole’.  He started out with the gym, then outdoor running, then races and before he knew it he was competing in an Ironman. At the 2010 Kona race he finished third British age-grouper.  What an accolade!

Now more focused on coaching others, Russell coaches and blogs. From info on smashing the ever elusive sub-10 hour Ironman to a breakdown and analysis of recent Ironman performances, Russell’s blog is a hive of triathlon activity you can’t afford to miss.

Graeme Stewart

Thought you had to be a muscle-bound whippersnapper to score glory at The Ironman World Championships? Think again.

Blogger, Graeme has noticed two trends – winners are getting faster, but more surprisingly, they’re getting older too. As he writes, “It takes many years to build the endurance to race an Ironman to your potential so even athletes in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond can take heart from the fact they can still improve their performance.”

As a scientist and triathlete Graeme’s blog is jammed full of insight and well worth a read.

Ryding to health

Run by Melanie Ryding, a team GB triathlete, you’re in for a treat with this blog. As well as competing, Melanie is a nutritionist.

Her blog is crammed full of tasty tidbits and useful tips. Did you know honey is good for wounds? And despite what women’s mags say, did you realise no food can actually burn fat?

Some great posts here, plus Melanie’s tips for running during the winter months will prove a hit with dedicated triathletes.

Lunges and Lycra

“Short legs, freckles and an appreciation of shit jokes, you inherit a lot of crap from your parents.”  Luckily for Charlotte, co-writer of Lunges and Lycra, she also inherited her mum’s appreciation of exercise.

The two took this to another level earlier this year when they both competed in the London Triathlon. Check out Charlotte’s witty yet heartwarming account of the race.

Not exclusively about Triathlons, the blog is a great resource for triathletes and covers everything from kit reviews to keeping your bike in top nick.

Iron Holgs

“In 2006 I entered my first triathlon, I was clueless.” In the last seven years Andy has competed in five Ironman comps and written two books on the subject.

Suffice to say he’s now suitably clued up!

His blog charts the ups and downs of his training regime. In a recent post he announced his retirement from Ironman: “So where do I go from here?” he asks. His answer: “I change, I rebuild, I learn and I keep moving forward.” That’s the spirit!


What started off as a 40th Birthday challenge soon became a die-hard hobby. Now John regularly competes in Triathlons all over the UK.

In his recent post ‘Should I get a triathlon coach?’ he argues that the tri-press have a vested interest in selling the costlier aspects of the sport to newbies. His answer? Join a triathlon club instead.

It’s cheaper and you’ll be surrounded by like minded folk who will be able to point you in the right direction. Check out John’s blog for more tri-tips.

Jo-Jo Cranfield

Jo-Jo got a bit of surprise when she turned up for her first Triathlon earlier this year; she was greeted by swarms of jellyfish.

This one-armed triathlete put on a brave face, and got on with it, finishing in 3rd place.

Jo-Jo’s blog offers a great insight into the life of a professional triathlete who’s also juggling modelling and university commitments. This bright young star is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Run The Line

Want to know the best supplements for building muscle? Or which running watch to buy? You’ve come to the right place.

Run The Line is written by Ross, a London lad with a penchant for all things triathlon.

Check out his post on preventing overtraining for top tips on keeping you performance ready year-round.

As Ross says: “A golden rule that I like to follow is to always have at least one rest day per week.”

Sophia Saller

She’s won medals galore, but triathlete Sophia doesn’t stop with sporting brilliance. Oh no.

Currently studying mathematics at Oxford she writes: “the combination of both is what is keeping me sane and gives me the balance that I need to push myself further.” She keeps readers up to date with the races in which she takes part, and gives detailed post-race analysis.

Well what else would you expect from a mathematician who does triathlons?


Training for a triathlon, raising kids, spending time with your wife and holding down a job might sound pretty full on, but ‘Tridaddy’, Phil has mastered the balancing act.

Follow him on his ultimate journey to compete in an Ironman: “I am realistic of my abilities of what I can achieve and I know this achievement is a number of years away yet.”

Good luck Phil!

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