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Vampire with bloody teeth

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Mmm, blood…

Need a pick me up after all that hard training? How about human blood? Halloween is only a few days away, so let’s find out about this new spooky supplement.

True, blood is an unusual supplement and one that’s usually thought of in relation to tales of sharp fanged predators of the evil undead variety. But now scientists have discovered that Dracula might have been on to something when he sucked the lifeblood from the necks of young women.

Why? It turns out human blood is actually rather good for you…

Blood lust

The real Count Dracula is credited as having been Vlad the Impaler, but though the sadistic, torture loving Romanian is estimated to have skewered anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 enemies, he’s not thought to have ingested the blood of his victims. Instead, it’s Bram Stoker’s fictional Dracula that keeps himself hale and heartless by sucking the blood of young women.

Fast forward to present day reality, and some startling new evidence suggests the fictional Dracula might well have been bang on to believe the blood of pretty young women (or men) would be good for whatever ailed him. Scientists have discovered that the effects of aging in old mice can be reversed by the administration of blood from younger mice.

Young blood, it seems, improves memory, endurance, muscle strength and tone and even sense of smell. Researchers think it’s possible that blood from young people might eventually help to stave off the physical and cognitive impairments that are part of the normal aging process, and may even help in the fight against alzheimer’s and other age related diseases.


The most important thing to remember when taking any kind of supplement is to take it correctly. Ever heard of Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed? She was a Hungarian noblewoman who lived in the 16th century, and while she may have experimented with human blood, in the end, she never quite nailed the dosage….

Why? She’s thought by some to have been the most prolific serial killer of all time, allegedly keeping a tally of her victims, a body count that some say reached a staggering 650 young women.

Clearly wicked and insane, according to folklore, Countess Báthory kept herself in shape not only by drinking the blood of her victims, but also by bathing in it. Fortunately, in the quest for victory over aging, this won’t be necessary.

New evidence

When researchers injected heated plasma into old mice, nothing happened, indicating that the benefits of young mouse plasma are down to a signalling protein that can tell the DNA of the body’s muscle stem cells to repair itself. The result – in mice – was stronger muscles, more stamina and better recall.

For humans, treatments might eventually be developed that could revolutionise the lives of older people, helping them live longer, healthier lives. And thankfully for all the young people out there, it won’t be necessary to drink anyone’s blood, let alone take a bath in it.

Once scientists have isolated the proteins responsible for turning back the clock, they should be able to develop treatments in the form of tablets or a simple injection. Blood – it’s bloody good for you!

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