Weird fat loss tips (that actually work)

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Follow these simple tips

It’s probably an awkward question, but how’s your New Year’s resolution going?

The truth is most people ditch theirs somewhere between January and March. But if that’s you, don’t despair, the good news is you can always try again – and lots of people do.

A new survey from the United States, reveals that March now tops January as the most popular time to join a gym. So if you’ve faltered in your quest to get active in 2014, never fear, now is the time to try again.

To help you reach your fat loss goal, we’ve come up with some top strategies to help you keep your fat loss resolutions.


Mountain bike

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Now is the perfect time to start

Contrary to popular opinion, January is probably the worst time of year to make fat loss your goal. Created by travel firm, Sky Travel, ‘Blue Monday’ is a pseudo-scientific calculation combining factors like weather, debt, time since Christmas and failed resolutions. This year, it fell on January 20th  – the day calculated to be the most miserable of the year.

The maths is non-existent, the science nonsensical, but the formula’s popularity is testament to the potency of the post Christmas blues. No wonder you stopped going to the gym. No wonder you haven’t lost weight.

The best advice we can give you is to grasp the nettle now. Don’t beat yourself up because you failed before. It was winter. For fat loss to succeed, the timing is crucial. March is perfect timing.

Spice up your food

Chili Pepper

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Get some spice in your life

You’ve completed your workout; you’ve built up a healthy appetite; what could be better than a healthy home cooked curry? Answer: nothing. Curry spices help your body shed fat. That’s because just like t5 fat burners, they boost your metabolic rate.

But it’s not just the nutritional effects of spice that help you lose excess pounds, it’s the flavour too. The hotter the dish, the slower you’ll eat it. This allows your brain to keep pace with your gnashers so it can let you know when you’ve eaten enough, protecting the gains you made at the gym.

Beauty sleep


Image source: George Rudy
Make sure you get your 40 winks

There’s a lot of wisdom in the old saying, “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Researchers have long known about the link between sleep deprivation and weight gain. Lack of shut eye messes with your metabolism, increasing your appetite for unhealthy snack foods. It also makes you stressed – a problem that can lead to comfort eating.

If your goal is to work out regularly to shed fat, healthy sleeping is just as important as healthy eating. Waking refreshed will ensure you’ve got the fuel in the tank for a busy day and a session in the gym.

Don’t eat in your PJs


Image source: Buso 23
Ban eating in your PJs

If you eat your breakfast in your PJs before jumping in the shower and rushing off to work, that’s one thing. If you lie on the couch at night munching pizza, or grazing on cookies, that’s quite another.

Late night snacking can seem like a deserved reward for surviving a long, stressful day. But it won’t help you shed fat, and might even be stopping you making the most of your gym membership. The heartburn and the bad night’s sleep is probably making you tired, which as we know is bad. Set yourself the simple rule of never eating unless you are dressed, and watch the pounds roll off.

Paint it blue

You come back from the gym. You feel lighter already, but you’re starving hungry. Instead of reaching for the fridge door, instead pick up a paintbrush and paint the room blue. Still feel hungry?

Scientists have discovered the colour of your kitchen actually influences how much food you eat there. Warm colours like red are said to stimulate the appetite, while cool blues and greens dampen those food cravings.

Don’t be intimidated

Beautiful group of women practicing the side plank yoga pose during a class in a gym

Image source: Antonio Diaz
Intimidated? Join a class!

Many gyms sell themselves by promoting an image of the young and body beautiful. But in reality, most of the people working out are just like you. If your gym really is a meathead’s barbell frenzy, then change venues. And remember, you’re the one who’s paying, so if you need a little help remembering how to use a piece of equipment, a member of staff should be happy to show you.

If you still feel self conscious, why not check out some of the classes? Most gyms offer a range of different activities; working out in a group is fun, a great way to meet new people, and by the time the summer comes, you’ll be looking awesome.

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