What are T5 fat burners?

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Fat loss

Image source: Alexey Zhagunov
Can T5 fat burners help you lose weight?

T5 fat burners are supplements created in the image of ‘ECA stack’ drugs.

ECA stands for ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin. When combined, these ingredients form a potent supplement that many people use to lose weight. Here is important information for anyone who is considering taking T5 fat burners.

Ephedrine and Caffeine


Image source: Subbotina Anna
Caffeine is found in T5 fat burners

Ephedrine is a synthetic form of ephedra. Although ephedra is illegal in most parts of the United States, ephedrine is still legal in many areas. Ephedrine is a stimulant which speeds up your body’s natural processes, including your metabolism.

Caffeine is both a stimulant and a diuretic which can help an individual shed unwanted water weight.

When taking caffeine and ephedrine together one would expect each of the individual effects to be increased. However there is more to it than that…

Ephedrine increases the amount of noradrenaline in the brain which speeds up the heart and causes the cells to release more glucose in response to the “fight or flight” syndrome. The “fight or flight” response increases blood flow throughout the body. This makes more oxygen available to the cells for exercise and brain activity. Caffeine inhibits certain enzymes which have an effect on neurotransmitters. As a result, it makes more noradrenaline available to the brain.

In essence, caffeine increases the effects of ephedrine on the system.


You may wonder why one would want to take aspirin with stimulants. The reason has nothing to do with pain relief.

Aspirin helps to keep ephedrine in the system longer, prolonging its stimulating effects on the body. Thus, drugs similar to the ECA stack have become known as effective weight loss and performance enhancement medication.

Perhaps one of the major reasons that most people take stimulants for weight loss is appetite suppression. Drugs like ephedrine not only speed up the body’s systems but they also take away the hunger urge. This can have a two-pronged effect and make weight loss more dramatic and effective.

T5 Fat burners at Supplement Centre

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Impact on performance

There are many claims that T5 fat burners can be effective for improving athletic performance. Some medical studies back up these claims. Many people report that they are able to perform better and do more work while taking an ECA stack type product.

This may be due in part to exertion being easily perceived when the body is “sped up” and results in one being able to do more than under normal circumstances. People that use T5 fat burners usually take them in cycles followed by a ‘wash out’ period of about one week. This is common procedure for many kinds of performance enhancing supplements.

Health considerations

The old saying goes ‘you don’t get something for nothing’. One must be aware of the possible consequences of supplements like T5 fat burners.

If you have sensitivity to caffeine, T5 fat burners may serve to increase your sensitivity and this can mean increased heart palpitations. It also can make panic and anxiety attacks more possible. You also may find it difficult to get to sleep at night as the effects of ECA stack type supplements can be long lasting. T5 fat burners should not be taken near bedtime.

There are certain health risks with ingredients like ephedrine. These risks have caused some countries to ban ephedra. When the body is sped up it raises blood pressure which can be very dangerous for people that already have hypertension.

If people are unaware that they already have elevated blood pressure, using T5 fat burners can put them at risk. Further elevating blood pressure with supplements can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. T5 fat burners (and other supplements that produce amphetamine type effects) can be habit forming.

Pros and cons

Supplements similar to ECA stack drugs produce benefits for those that wish to lose weight.

However, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons of T5 fat burners before taking them.

It is vital that anyone considering stimulants have a complete medical examination.

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