Why do we work out?

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Why do you workout?

We might rabbit on about all sorts of supplements here (which should come as no surprise really). But at the core of our talk about whey protein and discount sales, there is the also one overriding desire. To look after our bodies.

So why do we workout? We thought it would be a good idea to get some different reasons from keen as mustard athletes.

We asked our Elite Athletes why they work out, and this is what they said.

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Phil Parsons

I train for a number of reasons, and in no particular order they are: to be fit and healthy, which helps, being a firefighter. As a stress relief. To challenge myself and see how far I can push the limits of my body. To one day enter a competition.

Steph McNally

I workout because I enjoy it and love seeing the changes in my body!

Richard Fuller

I want to be the strongest man in the world!

Alastair Wilson

If you have seen my “before” picture you can see why I work out. I had always wanted to compete as a bodybuilder but didn’t think I could. So training opened my eyes to the potential I had, I got what I put in, So if I put in all I have the results will be great. With this work ethos I pulled myself from a 20 stone fatty to a 12 stone bodybuilder and winning my first title.

So, working out for me, is a life changer, it’s focus, it’s discipline, it’s a release, it’s now my life.

Lindsay Benson

It keeps me sane, the rush of adrenaline and release of endorphins, is a healthy way to keep happy and alert. I want to inspire and motivate girls that working out to achieve a bikini body doesn’t mean hours of cardio and massively restricted diet. It means weights and clean eating.

Danny Horobin

My future will be created on what I do today; not tomorrow!

Josh Dallimore

To build a better body, (look good naked) for the gains and simply because I enjoy it. I enjoy seeing the changes and strength increases – it keeps me going back for more.

Liam Browne

To be a better version of me. To be able to step on the field of play and know that I am capable of beating my opponent and proving the doubters wrong. I’ve always been the underdog, and that needs to change. I train so that I can do what others can’t.

Gareth Clement

The reason why I exercise is because I want to better myself, make myself the best I can be, then hopefully inspire others to get the best out of them. Inspire, motivate and change.

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