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They definitely lift, bro

Image source: Maxim Ahner
They definitely lift, bro

Hauling around great lumps of iron might seem mad to some, but this group of bloggers get your penchant for weightlifting like no other.

They train hard, fuel properly and ultimately, lift heavier.

So whether you’re looking to bulk up or shred down, increase your 1RM or learn proper technique, this bunch of weightlifting obsessed bloggers are guaranteed to be of help.

UK olympic weightlifting

You’ve heard of “ass-to-grass squatting”? Like us, you might have thought it was the nirvana of squatting? Well the team at UKOW disagree.

They say for best results you should include parallel squats. As for those with good all round leg strength the UKOW take is: “I would even get them doing quarter squats and partial reps.”

A mine of weightlifting information and definitely one to catch up with on the reg.

Women’s Weightlifting

Packed to the rafters with grunting, sweaty men lugging about great lumps of iron, the weight room can be intimidating for many women on their first foray.

But Alis wants to change that:  “I created this site in an attempt to discard some of these myths and evoke interest in the sport.”

The result? A fantastic resource packed full of useful tips and information geared specifically towards women.

Maloney Performance

Can’t get your hands on a barbell? Just grab a mate instead!

Sean Maloney is a big advocate of partner strength training but admits it’s nothing new: “Legend has it that Milo of Croton performed loaded carries with a new-born calf every day until it was fully grown.”

His top five partner strength exercises include ball wrestling, fireman carries and partner rows. With a masters under his belt and sights set on on a PhD, 23-year-old Sean Maloney is a force to be reckoned with. Visit his blog for plenty more training tips and science backed posts.

PG the PT

“Train like demons. Eat like saints. Look like Gods.” – that’s the rallying cry from PG the PT.

With a heavy focus on nutrition, it’s obvious Pauric not only knows his stuff, but is passionate about it too. He advises how to make small but significant changes, what fats to consume and even what to eat for breakfast (hint: think outside of the cereal box).

So if you’re serious about getting into shape, you know where to go.

Guerilla Strength

Eat big, get big, right? That’s the mantra of most weightlifters.

But Lee found that a huge calorie surplus wasn’t for him: “I cared about the fact that my belly was hanging over my denims like a fruit bat on a Sunday.” Enter Intermittent Fasting. It involves eating and fasting during different windows, for example eating between 10am – 4pm, then fasting for 12 hours.

Lee tried out this new lifestyle for 8 weeks and enjoyed some sweet rewards. Notably, he shed 9 kg with no loss of strength. Interested? Hop over to his blog and find out more.

SG Fitness

Quinoa. A strange, curly little grain that sits unassuming on most supermarket shelves.

Unbeknown to most folk, this nifty grain packs a serious protein punch – 8g per cup – making it perfect weightlifters’ grub. Plus it’s packed full of  magnesium, rich in iron and twice the fiber of most grains: a true superfood. So next time you go to pick up turkey, lean mince or a pot of cottage cheese, think again.

As well as nutrition, the SG Fitness team discuss everything from powerlifting comps to sharing impressive client transformations.

Gym Talk

Do you resent your gym’s hefty price tag? The team over at Gym Talk have come up with a way to soften the blow.

Basically, milking your gym ‘til it’s dry!

Tips include snaffling freebies when you sign up, making the most of their expensive sauna and reaping the rewards of gym challenges. As well as great informational posts, Gym Talk is a great go-to spot for giveaways and awesome supplement reviews.

SC Vital Fitness

Have you got short or long arms? It’s an important question that can make the difference between becoming a powerlifting champ and falling short. The team over at SC Vital reckon short limbs are best when performing a bench press as it makes the lift smaller.

But as they say, ‘It’s all won on the deadlift.’ This is where the long limbed are in luck as it’s here they’re most likely to prevail.

Aside from powerlifting, you’ll find plenty on good nutrition and other technical training too.

Jack Galloway Fitness

Bored of your morning weetabix? Why not do like blogger, Jack and have scallops and avocado instead. He believes variety is key to good nutrition, so mixing up breakfasts is a must.

Check out Jacks awesome guide to getting big arms, but be warned, it’s got one hefty looking superset.

Once you’ve finished your workout, Jack reckons you’ve got two options “Flex your pumped up arms in front of the mirrors for ages or go home. Which one you choose is largely up to you, and how much of a douchebag you are.” Hear, hear!

Olympic Weightlifting

Want to learn how to lift properly and consistently?

Marius thinks it’s all in the head: “If you do not adjust mentally to each attempt you will be unsuccessful” so he suggests imposing a three attempt rule on yourself, to hone your focus.

Written by Marius Hardiman, who’s been pumping iron and winning titles for over 30 years, this blog is a goldmine for anyone mad about Olympic Weightlifting. Marius has since retired and now focuses on coaching others to weightlifting brilliance. And now you can get a slice of the action, by way of his blog.

LMD Fitness

You’ve most likely heard of the latest buzz supplement, Raspberry Ketone, but does it work?

Fitness blogger Luke tried it out and concluded that whilst the science is lacking “it may have contributed to helping me retain a low % body fat at a time when I am trying to build muscle and eat more calories.”

Luke’s blog is full of firsthand, useful reviews like this. Definitely worth a look if you’re into your supplements.

The Trainers Edge

Pull-ups are a tricky beast, you need a heck of a lot of upper body strength to manage just one. But once you get there, you’ll want to improve. How? Stop pushing yourself to failure.

“This is the biggest mistake you can make with pull ups. As soon as a single rep does not look exactly like the previous one and you can’t get as high, the set is over” says blogger Jason.

Check out his post for more info on perfecting your pull-ups.  As well as posting routines Jason has helpful info posts such as how to make homemade almond butter, plus he’s on hand to answer questions such as whether to do cardio before or after strength work.

Muscle Meat

About 10 years ago Jim Blanchflower smashed the British squat record, when he squat 850lbs of pure iron. So he’s kinda worth paying attention to.

Luckily for squat enthusiasts amongst us, the team over at Muscle Meat spoke to him and got the lowdown on achieving squatting brilliance. His top tips? Stand slightly wider than shoulder width apart and make sure your back and the bar connect as much as possible.

Check out this new blog for more tips on squatting like a total pro.

Phil Richard

Ever wondered what life’s like as a professional powerlifter? Well now you can find out. “The sport of powerlifitng has given me the opportunity to travel the globe and compete against the best lifters in the world,” very nice!

Those with a penchant for powerlifting have probably heard of Phil Richard, he’s currently the GBPF/IPF Welsh, British and Commonwealth powerlifting champion at 74kg, and has won Three World titles and six European Titles to date.

His candid blog is part training diary part resource, and regular readers will soon pick up a myriad of tips from this powerlifting pro.

Tony Pang Personal Trainer

“I am more qualified than your average personal trainer” – if there’s one thing Tony Pang’s got oodles of, it’s confidence.

Confidence and results.

His blog is a personal training diary and in it he details exactly what he does to look the way he does. He also chucks in the odd client transformation pic to get everyone revved up and inspired and ready to hit the gym big time.

Live hard

Joel has trained with Shaolin monks in Wushu Guan, Thai boxers in Phuket, breakdancers in Tokyo and BJJ black belts in Rio De Janeiro. On top of that he’s competed in three strongman competitions and is the features editor over at Mens Fitness.

Quite a CV, we’re sure you’ll agree!

His blog is all about “maximising the limited time you get on this ball of rock hurtling through space before you don’t get to do anything any more”. The focus is on eating and training optimally to enjoy your time on earth the best you can.

Strength Ambassadors

Women afraid of getting bulky need to head over to Strength Ambassadors, pronto. Full of inspirational before and after pictures, the proof is well and truly in the pudding.

After reading a few testimonials you’ll be straight off the treadmill and over to the squat rack!

As well as testimonials the blog is full of healthy tips that include loading up on protein for breaky, and chowing down on plenty of cruciferous veg.  

For a great range of supplements carefully chosen to meet the demands of weightlifters, visit our weightlifters and powerlifters supplements page. Here you’ll find a selection of testosterone boosters, mass gainers, pre-workout and recovery supplements designed to support your training goals.

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