Women who could pick YOU up

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mrs muscles female bodybuilders

Mega muscles
Source: Big Stock

Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, there’s no denying female bodybuilders’ physiques are nothing if not impressive.

Through hard work, meticulous nutrition, bodybuilding supplements and sheer determination, these ladies have sculpted some of the most impressive figures we’ve ever seen.

Female bodybuilding was relatively unheard of until the 1980s, when the likes of Rachel McLish, Bev Francis and Cory Everson took to the stage and quickly popularised the sport.

A new phenomenon, the public lapped it up and the golden girls of bodybuilding quickly reached celebrity status, writing magazine columns, interviewing on chat shows and even starring in the odd hollywood blockbuster.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Here we look at some of the best physiques in female bodybuilding. Enjoy…

Betty Pariso

Image source: Wikipedia
Betty Pariso in 2001

Jang Miran

Image source: Korea.net / Wikimedia
South Korean weightlifter Jang Miran can definitely pick you up!

Jodie Marsh

Image source: Jst Jodie
From glamour model to bodybuilder, Jodie Marsh underwent an impressive 12-week transformation

Elena Seiple

Image source: Pete Chons
Elena Seiple at the NPC Juniors in 2005

Abbye Stockton

Image source: IFBB
Nicknamed ‘pudgy’, 5”2 112lb Abbye Stockton was anything but! Born in 1917 she was a professional strongwoman who paved the way for todays female bodybuilders.

Anja Langer

Image source: Anja Langer
German bodybuilder Anja Langer stressed the importance of training with freeweights

Kristy Hawkins

Image source: Lift studios / Isaac Hinds
With a Masters in Chemical Engineering, Kristy Hawkins is brains and brawn


Image source: Kootation
Yaxeni Oriquen is currently ranked number 2 in the IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Ranking List. This Venezuelan bodybuilder means business!

Lo Kit Ming

Image source: Rebodybuilding
Lo Kit Ming came first in the lightweight division of IFBB Arnold Amateur 2012, definitely one to watch.

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