9 workplace worries only lifters will understand

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A terrible, true story

The trials and tribulations of the workplace are plentiful. “Is our email down?” “Have you seen my hammer?” “Who has the pricing gun?” Whatever your line of work, you’ll overcome such problems daily.

But no matter what your job is, if you’re into weight training, there will be many, many more problems that you have to overcome.

For your pleasure, we’ve outlined 9 workplace worries for weight trainers from 3 different walks of life. Enjoy!


Just a man, thinking about the gym

Just a man, thinking about the gym

1. You are worried everyday that the site might not be suitable for your tupperware…
Not only have you invested in top quality, durable BPA free tupperware, but you’ve prepared all your week’s meals. So when your place of work can change daily, it can cause serious problems. Whether you plaster, lay bricks, work with electrics or gas, or just lift stuff, you want to know if there is a fridge, cooking facilities and a safe place to store your macro friendly meals.

2. You don’t want builders tea…ever…
OK, a cup of tea isn’t really going to affect your macros, but you’d much prefer some sort of protein shake. So when the elderly lady, whose house you are rewiring, offers to make you a brew, you feel strange asking if she has any weight gain supplements.

3. You get worried about concrete slab based PBs…
For many, how many bags of plaster or slabs of concrete you can lift, is just part of the fun of working on building site. But for you, it’s not fun. It’s serious. That bag of sand won’t shovel itself, that compactor won’t get itself out of the van; you work hard on your PBs and even keep a paint covered work-workout journal.

Need a protein treat at work?


Man with dumbbells in sport store

Can’t all work in a sports shop eh?

4. You try not to walk too much…
Yes cardio helps your heart, can burn fat and is generally encouraged by many, but it’s a different story for lifters. Retail requires a lot of walking. You serve customers all around the shop, you have to duck in and out of “the back” and sitting makes you look lazy. So perch behind the till and pretend to do paper work. Gains = saved.

5. You hate it when someone else gets to go into the stockroom…
Unless you are blessed with a modern, spacious store, the chances are, you will be working in a tiny room, chockablock with heavy boxes. Ideal. Not only do you have heavy things to lift, but the environment is making it harder for you to lift. So when someone else goes to find something, you aren’t best pleased.

Though it might be for a reason…

6. You can’t reach things because of your gains…
You might have heard the story of the obese childminder who couldn’t tie shoelaces because of his gut, but what about that top shelf? How can you possibly get the sleeping bag the customer has asked for, with biceps the size of Giant Redwood tree trunks? Though such a problem is a clear sign of your power, it can cause problems, especially for the Nan who needs a sleeping bag!

Office job

Businessman lifting weights

Not a good idea mid meeting…

7. Your spelling is getting worse…
Emails, reports, marketing copy; whatever you write, spelling is important. So, if like me, you find yourself writing “whey” instead of “why”, or adding the word “protein” randomly into sentences, you might have an issue. Start watching countdown and double check your protein spelling.

8. You get accused of skiving, but in fact you’re just eating…
With 6 small meals in a day, it can be hard to duck in and out of the office without looking like a work shy freeloader. So you have sacrificed lunch in order to have meals at 10am, 1pm and 4pm. Ten minutes to reheat and eat each pre-prepped meal, that makes a 30 minute lunch break. Not that your colleagues believe you.

9. You worry sitting will make you lose your gains…
Typing might make your fingers stronger, but you aren’t going to win any lifting medals with your pinky are you? So whenever someone needs something lifting you are the first to help, in fact you have even considered putting weights under your desk. Maybe a kettlebell in order to do leg raises? Because with every email, those gains are vanishing.

What worries you?

There are many jobs and many worries, and we feel like we’ve just touched the surface. What worries you? Let us know in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “9 workplace worries only lifters will understand

  1. Harry Box

    The hardest is on a arms day having to try and pop your collar back down after doing your tie. Just..can’t…quite…reach…the back
    It would be so nice to just slip a t-shirt on.


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