How to get a six pack while watching the World Cup

Sofa six pack

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You CAN get a six pack from the comfort of your sofa

We live in the age of convenience where we can get our hands on most things by the click of a button. So if you want to watch the World Cup on TV and get a six pack (the abs kind, not the beer kind) then you damn well can, Sir!

We’re only happy to assist you with a workout so subtle that it won’t affect your World Cup coverage. You can work towards that six pack whilst chilling on the sofa.

Sofa aerobics

Put your feet up

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Put your feet up

Leg lifts are excellent for strengthening the stomach and core muscles. Simply lie flat with your palms facing down beside your legs and raise your leg up by about 10 inches.

Hold for 3 seconds and then lower down again making sure you don’t touch the floor (or sofa) just yet. Hold for 3 seconds and then lift again. Repeat 4 sets of 10 lifts.

This will greatly improve your core muscles and you won’t miss one minute of the game.

The pub lift

Watching football at the pub

Image source: Khaki Mullin
Those weights look a lot like pints of beer…

Pints of fluid weigh about 1lb which should keep your arms and shoulders active when in the local, but for something a bit more strenuous try squats (‘Oops, I’ve dropped my keys … and again.’).

It may look funny, but if/when England score nobody will care.

Cold water


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VERY cold water!

Drinking ice cold water burns more calories as your body has to work harder to warm it up to body temperature. So you know what to fill those pint glasses up with don’t you?

Burn baby burn

fat and thin man

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Burn off your belly

You already own a six pack. Most people do, but it’s usually hidden under a layer of stomach fat. So your mission is to remove that fat and strengthen your muscles.

Heard of fat burners? Well, they do what they say on the, er, tub: burn fat! A good fat burner speeds up your metabolism and minimizes your cravings. Got to be worth a shot.

Yawn workout

Male Lion Yawning

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Turn your yawn into a roar

Boring 0-0 draw?

Yawn like a lion and before you’ve had time to think, simply extend your yawn into mild exertion.

Stand up straight with your arms beside your side and extend your arms face up to the ceiling as you’re inhaling or yawning. Then lower then beside your sides as you exhale. Repeat 10 times and resist the temptation to get back in bed afterwards.

Clean the house

Household chores

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Watching your partner do chores will NOT get you a six pack

Think of household chores as a workout with the added benefits of clean floors and crease-free clothes.

If you’re gym-phobic, get the vacuum cleaner, mop and scouring pads out and go to work on cleaning the house. You can even keep the TV on. You’ll be burning calories and strengthening those core muscles.

Toast your waiting time

Work out while waiting for your toast to pop

Image source: Cozyta
Work out while waiting for your toast to pop

Need a snack at half time?

Whilst you’re waiting for the toast to pop, grab a couple of tins of beans and shoulder press each tin from your chin to above your head and down. Repeat 30 times for each arm and you’ll see improvements in your shoulders, back, triceps and biceps.

Next grab something heavier like a 5kg bag of potatoes with both hands, squat slightly so your knees are at a right angle and then swing the potatoes up at eye level and then back through your legs. Make sure you keep your lower back straight and don’t let go of the bag when swinging!

Got all that? Well, here are six more steps to six pack success.

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