The young, the buff and the beautiful

Muscular Bodybuilder Guy Doing Exercises With Dumbbells Over Black Background

Teenage Bodybuilders

They’re young, they’re beautiful and man, are they ripped. Welcome to the world of teenage bodybuilding.

Think you know teenagers? Think again – these kids are a breed apart. Young bodybuilders trade lie-ins and binge drinking for 4am gym workouts and crazy calorie consumption. They live and breathe for their passion – lifting weight.

We’ve picked ten inspirational young body builders from around the world to celebrate the hard work and dedication of these new contenders.

Jeff Seid

Image source: Super Strong
Jeff Seid, 19, United States

Ellena Tsatsos Reidi

Image source: Australian Fitness Babes
Ellena Reidie, 24, Australia

Daveon Hill

Image source: Asia Town
Daveon Hill, 18, United States

Cody Montgomery

Image source: Muscle Nerd
Cody Montgomery, 19, United States

Owen and Lewis Harrison

Image source: Pinterest
Owen and Lewis Harrison, 23, United Kingdom

Monice Potgieter

Image source: Girls With Muscle
Monice Potgieter, 23, South Africa

Tim Gabel

Image source: Aesthetic Muscles
Tim Gabel, 19, Germany

Georgina McConnell

Image source: Beauty Muscle
Georgina McConnell, 20, United Kingdom

Kirill Chayka

Image source: Gym Diary
Kirill Chayka, 23, United States (born Ukraine)

The message from all of these young stars is – follow your dream, never give up and live for your passion. We’d add: train hard, eat great and if necessary take some  quality supplements such as protein powder and creatine.

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